Mark Sultan/KK+BBQ News!
The King Khan & BBQ Show tour dates!! Check: there are a few that are left to be determined. as well as a couple of kids show that we will add on there. that should be cool! this will all be to play some of our new album ‘INVISIBLE GIRL’ which drops in a couple of weeks. we may have a couple limited edition LPs for sale in portland! supporting us for most of the tour and at various points are Dum Dum Girls and Those Darlins! here is the best part: The King Khan & BBQ Show have been working on a new live show (aside from playing a bunch of new songs) which harkens back to the original intent of our band. it should be really fun! this also means the inclusion of our old pal Leo Chips into the fold. you’ll see!! it’s gonna be extravagant! check in to the myspace now and again for news! also, look for The Almighty Defenders in both Portland and also on the 25th at Maxwell’s in Hoboken! And maybe another show for CMJ? who knows? My new Mark Sultan is also DONE and will be out in February. I decided to hold off on its release cuz too much shit is coming out. But a single on In The Red of non-LP cuts will rear its ugly head in a couple of weeks! see you on tour!

Indeed, see you on tour, Mark.

Single Review: Hold On 7″

Band: Mark Sultan
Release: 2009

Comments: Pretty good shit from Sultan here. Nothing too exciting, yet nothing too depressing. The music is vintage, as expected. “Hold On” has the pace of an above average 50s/60s rock & roll piece. The B-side, “I Hear A New World,” is experimentally satisfying, sounding at times a bit like a mixture of a Christmas tune and a freak folk campfire classic. That said, it won’t knock you off your ass. No one said it should.

Grades: “Hold On” (8.0); “I Hear A New World” (8.6)

Band Spotlight: Almighty Defenders

History and Formation: Formed in Berlin, Germany in February 2009 shortly after the Black Lips fled India after an incident of homosexuality and nudity. The Black Lips met up with King Khan and Mark Sultan (BBQ); all members collaborated to form Almighty Defenders and recorded an LP. Continue reading “Band Spotlight: Almighty Defenders”