Mark Sultan Live Vids!!!

“Third Avenue” — a Sultan penned classic off The King Khan & BBQ Show’s 2009 Invisible Girl LP
“Beautiful Girl” — off Sultantic Verses (In the Red Records, 2007)
“I’ll Never Belong” — off The King Khan & BBQ Show’s 2006 LP What’s For Dinner



2 thoughts on “Mark Sultan Live Vids!!!”

  1. Ahh this just makes me all the more sad that we misse Mark at Homegrown. Hopefully, he will be here again soon. By the way, the first song in the second link is “Beautiful Girl” from The Sultanic Verses (2007), but I’m not sure what the second song is.

  2. I’m sure you’ll be thrilled to learn that a couple of weeks ago, King Khan told a Montreal, well, reporter this. “Mark and I are still friends though, so we’re just taking a break.”

    Looks like there are forces at work trying to put them back together. I’m hoping for their own sakes that the break is long enough.

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