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Music Video: Cretin Stompers – “Adult Child”

Yo! Check out the new music video for Cretin Stompers’ “Adult Child” off their full-length LP Looking Forward To Being Attacked. The video is directed by Joslyn Crocco and it’s pretty nuts, may cause seizures. You’ve been warned. They weren’t foolin’ when they said they were stomping and attacking.
Listen to the whole album here: http://cretinstompers.bandcamp.com/album/looking-forward-to-being-attacked

New Mark Sultan Records/Other Stuff

You’re better off going straight to Mark’s website to read his recent most post: http://marksultan.com/. For a recap, though:

– The KK&BBQ Show played a show together and plan on recording a 7″.
– Mark has two new albums coming on In The Red: Whatever I Want and Whenever I Want
Mark is doing a split 7″ with Black Lips on HoZac and his own release on Sultan Records.
– Playing in June.

CD Review: In and Out and Back Again [2010]

Band: Woven Bones
Release: 5/2010
Label: HoZac

1. “I’ll Be Running” – B-
2. “Guess You Already Knew” – A-
3. “Seven Year Mirror” – B+
4. “If It Feels Alright” – B
5. “You’re Way With My Life” – B
6. “Creepy Bone” – B+
7. “Half Sunk Into The Seats” – B+
8. “Couldn’t Help But Stare” – A-
9. “Blind Conscience” – A-

Comments: Awesome drumming. Vocals can be a little disappointing, but am I the one to talk?! Woven Bones’ got Thee Oh Sees thing going on, but ho ho ho something is lacking. I may never figure out what it is, but it’s not like whatever isn’t here isn’t helping. Whatever is here works to a satisfiable degree. It might be the sometimes apparent cross between shoegaze psychedelia and no-gaze garage rock.

Grade: B+ (87)