Review: Saralee, Flag Day, Sean Nicholas Savage @ Whitehaus (3/1/14)

Bands: Saralee, Flag Day, Sean Nicholas Savage, Free Pizza
Date: Saturday, March 1, 2014
Venue: Whitehaus (Jamaica Plain, MA)

Saralee – Last time (which was actually the first time) we were here, it all happened in a flash. We came, we saw [Jackson Heights Queens, NY’s holiest The Beets], we came again, and then we had to abruptly leave to make the train home. Fortunately, this time we arrive early to sit back and relax within the haus, and chat with some colorful characters, both old and new, pounding down Rolling Rocks aka “dad’s beer” according to one, Ben Katzman. Shine on you crazy diamond!

Saralee has been a KLYAM favorite since 2011. In many ways they were our introduction to the Boston underground music scene. Some of our first basement shows were Saralee shows. I associate their music with dank, steel reserved beer reeking basement spaces, such as this one tonight, and a stoned, serene state of mind doesn’t hurt either. It’s hard not to have this image in mind, because I’ve only seen the band in basements. Problem House. Gay Gardens. Ant Cellar (Lowell). JP Drizzle. And now Whitehaus. You could say they are the quintessential Boston basement band, like it’s an essential ingredient in the Saralee sound. A sound that is somewhat hard to describe. I’ve been asked before what does Saralee sound like? And I honestly have trouble defining it. It’s more of a mood if anything. They are soft, but also intense at the same time. Heavy need not be a volume. There’s a dreamlike quality to them too. All things considered, Whitehaus is a perfect venue for Saralee; for whatever reason I have never seen the band at an above ground establishment and I’m a completely okay with that.

If you haven’t heard this machine, then you have some serious HWs to attend to:

Flag Day – Flag Day sort of throws me off guard, which is always a plus. In other words, I won’t forget this performance because it is akin to a radical, industrial pop DJ set. It’s a combo of what I believe is original material as well as a series of contemporary and classic hits for the crowd to dance their  asses off to and they do. Everything from the Bee Gees’ ” Stayin’ Alive” to The Ramones’ “Blitzkrieg Bop” to some Blink -182 song to Wavves’ “King of the Beach.” This onslaught of bratty, manic dance inducing pop reminded me of why these songs are memorable in the first place and made me reflect on when I first heard them at various points in my life. Deep Thoughts. Ok, it’s time to take it easy for a second.

Sean Nicholas Savage – Straight up, I am not present for most of his set (for the second half, physically, for the first half mentally), but I can see a lot of folks going bonkers to this gentle Canadian’s impassioned music. WORD. Check it out here:

Free Pizza – We missed Free Pizza :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( , hey it’s okay buddy we’ll see em’ again soon! :). One of the best in Boston and one of my faves all around. Listen to their epic debut here:

Saralee/Giving Up October Tour!

Saralee tour
Drawing by Mikie Poland of Giving Up

One of Boston’s finest bands, Saralee are on tour RIGHT NOW and you’d be a damn fool if you missed em’. They’re hitting the road with Louisville, Kentucky’s Giving Up  and they’re heading to a city near you…

October 9 – Le Commune Louisville, KY w/ Gangly Youth and White reaper
October 10 – Summit City Whitesburg, KY w/ Globsters and Oh, June
October 11 – Nashville, TN
October 12 – Crab Shaq Athens, GA w/ Parrothead and Deep State
October 13 – Crystal Lake, GA
October 14 – Red Door Record Shop Valdosta, GA
October 15 – 529 Atlanta, GA
October 16 – The Hang Fire Savannah, GA
October 17 – New York City Pizza Greensboro, NC
October 18- The Cave Chapel Hill, NC
October 19 – Storage Section B Richmond, VA w/ Cale and Heavy Midgets
October 20 – Club K Baltimore, MD
October 21 – Kung Fu Necktie Philadelphia, PA
October 22 – The Hose New York, New York
October 23 – TBA Hadley, MA
October 24 – Billings Hall Burlington, VT w/ Big Ups and Assbees
October 25 – The Oak+the Axe Biddeford, ME
October 26 – The Spot Boston, MA w/ Guerilla Toss
October 27 – Phunk House Rochester, NY

Giving Up only:
October 28 – Mystery College Ohio
October 29 – TBA

Giving Up: