Album Review: Free Pizza – “BOSTON, MA”

Release: 3/2014
Label: BUFU Records

George Moshington, the former front man of the Casa Blanca himself, is right there on the cover of Free Pizza‘s latest release: BOSTON, MA. Not to be confused with Washington, the tru capital (in spirit, nurture, and commitment) of underground music is right here where Free Pizza resides and sings about. The trio of Jesus Vio (bass/vocals), Santiago Cardenas (guitar), and Nick Rasmussen (drums) have spent approximately the last year playing several shows in Boston, in surrounding areas, and beyond. For those in tune with what’s good around these parts, this tape has been highly anticipated!

Free Pizza have been ruling for about three years; they released their debut 5 songer in 2011. All five of these songs make a return on BOSTON, MA in bigger, juicier style, credit to the dudes recording in a studio (Mystic Valley) for this go around. When I listen to Free Pizza, more than half of the time I kinda do this thing where I slowly move my head from left to right, shake it up and down, and flex my shoulders. Some songs call for a quicker variation like finale “Boston, MA,” all swirlin’ guitar, bass, unforgettable lyrics and “Net Babes,” which has an equally sweet rhythm plus an instrumental towards the end that is like flowers blooming or several women dancing around you.

What I hear from the getgo is Jesus’ ultra memorable singing voice positively ranging from sweet and tender to immediate and demanding. The guy’s always convincing, but ‘specially so on the more relaxing numbers “Come Close To Me” and “Baby Girl”. One thing that’s challenging for me to do in this space is to remark on how Free Pizza comes through with their sound! They’re a funky band (if you recall my movements from earlier) so be prepared to move. I’ll throw out [early] Abe Vigoda and The Minutemen, both bands that got that BOUNCE to ’em. Punk rock not how ya expect it to sound and they’re better off for that! BOSTON, MA is an urban record for all kinds. “Forward” packs the most pleasure for me in its mere 78 seconds. In fact, all of these tunes clock in at under 3 so if you’ve got an hour to spare, you’ve got three full listens in order!

Get yourself over to their BC and spend some alone time: and they are on tour! to SXSW.


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