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Gonerfest 9 Schedule Announced

Link to website:

9/27 – Thursday Afternoon Opening Ceremonies
@ The Cooper & Young Gazebo – Free!
Monsieur Jeffrey Evans (Memphis, TN)

9/27 – Thursday Night
@ The Hi-Tone
Oblivians (Memphis, TN)
Golden Boys (Austin, TX)
Heavy Times (Chicago, IL)
Slug Guts (Brisbane, Australia)
Jack Of Heart (Perpignan, France)
Moving Finger (Memphis, TN)

MC Nobunny

DJ Greg Cartwright (Asheville, NC)
& DJ Buck Widers (Austin, TX)


9/28 – Friday Afternoon
@ The Buccaneer – $5 Beer bust
The Hussy (Madison, WI)
No Bails (Kalamazoo, MI)
Toxie (Memphis, TN)
Anomalys (Amsterdam, Holland)
Johnny Lowebow (Memphis, TN)

9/28 – Friday Night
@ The Hi-Tone
Nobunny (Rabbithole, USA)
River City Tanlines (Memphis, TN)
Bits Of Shit (Melbourne, Australia)
Gary Wrong Group (Mobile, AL)
Bad Sports (Denton, TX)
Nots (Memphis, TN)

MC Bryan Schmidz
(Golden Boys, Austin, TX)

DJ Richie Ramone (Melbourne, Australia)
& DJ Piss On Your Dog (Memphis, TN)


9/29 – Saturday Afternoon
@ Murphy’s $10
AAAA The New Memphis Legs (TN / TX)
White Mystery (Chicago, IL)
Ryan Rousseau (Tempe, AZ)
Cecilia & The Sauerkrauts (Paris, France / Portland, OR)
Lenguas Largas (Tucson, AZ)
Native Cats (Hobart,Tasmania)
Chemicals (Portland, OR)
Party Bat (Party Cave, Chicago)
Chicken Snake (Staunton, VA)
Detonations (AZ / LA)

9/29 – Saturday Night
@ The Hi-Tone
Spits (Skateboard, Outer Space)
Mad Macka (Brisbane, Australia)
Persuaders (New Orleans, LA)
Ex-Cult (Memphis, TN)
White Wires (Ottawa, Canada)

MC Dave Dunlap
(Memphis, TN)

DJ Useless Eater
(Kalamazoo, MI)


9/30 – Sunday Afternoon Closing Ceremonies
@ The Cooper & Young Gazebo – Free!
Rev. John Wilkins
(Memphis, TN)

The Carbonas Performing @ Gonerfest 4:

Download White Wires- “All Night Long”/ LP Out 7/31/12

Photo  By ELBOWS

Our favorite Ottowans (is that the right nomenclature?), The White Wires have a new track available entitled “All Night Long” from their upcoming album WWIII, which is being heralded as a pop masterpiece and will be relesed on Dirtnap Records on July 31, 2012.
Check it out!


Colleen Green
Allie Hanlon (Peach Kelli Pop, White Wires)


“*Accompanied by Allie Hanlon (White Wires, Peach Kelli Pop) on drums and the always adorable KAYLA!*

Hang out wif us.

If you can help with any of these dates please let me know!

6/29: Fullerton CA
6/30: San Diego CA (Soda Bar w/ White Fang, Wax Idols)
7/1: Santa Barbara CA
7/2: Santa Cruz CA (PIONEER w/ White Fang)
7/3: San Francisco CA (Brick & Mortar w/ White Fang, Pamela)
7/4: Oakland CA
7/5: Eureka CA
7/6: Portland OR (The Know)
7/7: Seattle WA
7/8: Moscow ID (Bayou House w/ Tim Blood, Diners, Balloons)
7/9: Caldwell ID (The Manor w/ Meth House Party Band)
7/10: Salt Lake City UT
7/11: Las Vegas NV
7/12: ?
7/13: Los Angeles CA (Bootleg Bar w/ TV Girl)See More“-!/events/129206400545237/


Concert Review: White Wires, Big Big Bucks, Luau @ Starlab (4/29/11)

Bands: Luau, Big Big Bucks, White Wires, Colleen Green
Location: The Starlab (Somerville, MA)
Date: Friday, April 29, 2011

Act ILuau: These fellas rocked pretty hard and had a lot of enthusiasm, I was definitely rockin to their set. At the same time, I wanted a bit more and if I see them again, hopefully I’ll see a longer set. I felt like they had an old school hardcore edge to them, maybe, maybe not, but not limited to just that. I was also amused by the in between song banter- funny stories of mushrooms tripping and why you shouldn’t watch Reservoir Dogs during such activities. I think we can all agree on that account.

Act IIBig Big Bucks: I saw these guys last year (almost exactly last year, matter of fact) opening for Uninhabitable Mansions. That was a decent show and so was this one. The Bucks follow a similar trend as Luau, playing loud, fast Punk. I thought they played a solid set, but I feel like if I was more familiar with their material I would enjoy more. Thus, I will have to check out their music at some point and give it its due. Overall, I thought they were slightly better this time around.

Act IIIWhite Wires: Straight up, the White Wires were the band we came for and without a doubt it was worth it. The Wires’ played a great set of fun, beachy, Rock and Roll anthems that put me in a fanastic, summery mood. Some of my favorites included “Let’s Go to the Beach,” “Girly Girly Girly,” and “Ha Ha Holiday.” All of which seemed to garner a positive crowd response in the form of euphoirc, fun filled, light moshing, albeit a late arrival for said mosh pit. We were also treated to an entertaining interlude a la luau in which we learned about the great town of Mianus- apparently it’s pretty tight in Mianus! Overall, I enjoyed the set, especially Allie’s steady drumming; always looks like she’s having the most fun! Well everybody had tons of fun lol.

Act IVColleen Green: Sadly, we missed Colleen’s set :( but there is a link to her awesome music down below. Do yourself a favor and check it out. Can’t wait to see her live!

Grade: 7/10- All in all, a fun night and pleasant first experience at the Starlab.

White Wires – Let’s Go The Beach (MUSIC VID)

Powerpop masters [and KLYAM favorites to boot] shot a video in SUBZERO temperatures for “Let’s Go To The Beach,” an excellent tune from my one of my top LPs of 20-10 WW2 (2010, Dirtnap).

By the way, if you haven’t heard, they are playing April 29 at the Starlab in Somerville.

Also, if you haven’t noticed, when it rains around KLYAM, it usually pours in terms of coverage of bands. I’m on a White Wires (and related bands) streak. Watch out!<