“The Best Damn Soda” – Squamscot Beverages

Squamscot Beverages
is taking the world by storm, one person at a time. One wise drinker commented, “best damn soda I’ve ever had. No joke.” No joke, indeed. They’ve got more flavors of soda than you’ve got fingers and toes. Located in picturesque Newsfields, NH, you ought to stop by for some hand crafted soda made by locals for all to drink. I tried the Lemon Lime and it makes Sprite look like something your sister’s cousin made for a fifth grade science fair. Exactly.

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Random KLYAMdom

Fourteen songs played at random and the results are in:

1. The Hussy - Peace Bro
2. Jimi Hendrix - Hey Joe
3. Reigning Sound - If You Can't Give Me Everything
4. Adam Green - Breaking Locks
5. Maine Coons - Uniform Choice
6. The Belles - Melvin
7. Wolf Parade - Call It A Ritual
8. Radiohead - I Want You
9. Aesop Rock - Flashflood
10. The Drones- Minotaur
11. J.C Lodge (Diplo Mix) - Telephone Love
12. Of Montreal - Keep Sending Me Black Fireworks
13. Mando Diao - Blue Lining White Trenchcoat
14. Deerhunter - He Would Have Laughed

Notice the first six songs are tru rock N roll, the next two kind of go together , and the next six after that are quite random. A skeptic might be thinking oh well it was all random BY chance. That is true, but why were the first six tru rock N roll. There has to be a reason.

An Inside Joke You Don’t Get (Segment Two)

The following is the second segment of An Inside Joke You Don’t Get, which has me asking a complete outsider for his/her opinion on songs, music videos, and other such entertainment that you might find while browsing KLYAM. The outsider’s opinion could, at times, be harsh, derogatory, and inappropriate. Such is life so I haven’t censored any commentary. It’s interesting and humorous to witness reactions to stuff that we all know and love; it is truly obscure and random to the greater majority. 

How was the video for “Vomit”?
It was excellent. I’m afraid to call it the best, as some have called it.
How about the song itself?
It was done by who?
You know to me, it sounded like two songs. I didn’t see the first part connected to the second part. Although it works. The first part is “I’m looking for you” and the second part is “Come in to my heart.” He’s looking for somebody in the first half!
Did you think it sounded like a classic rock song?
No. Classic rock songs usually suck. This was actually good. Well, actually, that’s unfair. There are some good classic rock songs.
How about Honey Bunny?
Good tune. It has something memorable. “Da da da girl that I love” (Humming to himself)
What about the video? Did you notice any re-occuring themes amongst the videos (“Vomit” and “Honey Bunny”)?
Gay men like nice cars.
Care to elaborate?
He wasn’t rubbing himself all over the seat. He was just doing cool guy stuff. Sitting up in the convertible.
But how do you know he’s gay, wasn’t he with a girl?
Isn’t the name of the band Girls? And there are all guys in it. Either it’s something they like or something they are… and they haven’t figured it out yet. I’m going with the are. They have to be careful to not overproduce the video. They have to watch out for the Brady Bunch tile-o-rama. Corny video tricks. But they didn’t go too far, but they could have.
So what’d you think of Girls live [on Jimmy Fallon]?
An appropriate song for the Fallon show. “Oh God, I’m tired. What time is this show on?”
What’d you think of the back-up singers?
Under-utilized. I felt they didn’t have a big enough role. But that’s not up for me to say. Sometimes all you need is a pinch instead of a spoonful.  Oh yeah what is it? My ma, ma ma, or mommy?
My Ma
He’s looking for his mother. Like much of Jimmy Fallon’s audience. “Can I have a drink of water?” “No Fallon’s on, shut up.”
What about Nobunny’s “Blow Dumb” video?
Mercifully short. It would help if I got the reference, “Blow Dumb'”. What does this mean? Am I showing my age or my intelligence?
Okay, Nobunny live.
They’re a musical group, right? There was no music in this video. There was one good guitar playing and bad cymbals. Everything else was visual. I could’ve turned on the blender and it would be fine.
I’m sure the song had vocals and a tune. The video didn’t do it justice. Or maybe it did?

How was “Bug”?
I actually liked it. The only thing that bugged me: is that an upside down Oreo symbol on their album cover? On the right, sticking out of his back. Is that off an Oreo cookie? Does that mean infinite oreo cookies? They should get together with Girls and sing “I wish I had an oreo and a oreo and a glass of milk.”
What are you thinking about their live performance?
Two stoner pedophiles and their twelve year old lead singer. Did you see the two old guys and the kid singing? What, do they pay him in candy?
Who comes up with the songs?
I don’t think there’s a brain cell between the three of them. Probably the quiet one on guitar.
[Interrupts song…]
Why, you tell me who’s the retard in the back, boppin’ away? The manager or the parole officer?
(The song “No Hope Kids” ends)
I probably have to apologize for the last comment because they’re a very good band. Just keep the kids away from them. See that’s a second impression.
If they zoom into his (Billy Hayes) courdoroys any more I’d say the video was payed for by Levi’s.

So what about “Lovers Lane?”
How did his boyfriend die? AIDs related car crash? That’s how they died in the ’50s.

The Music Nerd Declaration

We are music nerds, music geeks, whatever you wish to call us. I prefer the term “radical nerd,” but whatever. We follow in the footsteps of a long list of Music (radical) nerds that have enriched all of our lives. We are a different branch of geekdom, often more socially acceptable than your average dork- often, not always. Instead of cherishing “World of Warcraft,” “Dungeons and Dragons,” and “Star Trek,” Our Band Could Be Your Life (2001), the oft-nauseating, but totally relevent blogosphere/message board apparatus, and endless hours of Sasha Grey videos are our treasureed jewels. Instead of spending are teen years chasing hunnies or developing better social skills, we spent entirely way too much time debating whether or not major labels were good or evil. We are the proud, the few… the few that actually give a fuck about whatever we’re yapping about. We may never sleep with as many women as Gene Simmons, but we will know how many women Gene Simmons has slept with (4,600 approximately). The following is a list of some of my favorite music nerds.

Lester Bangs

Chuck Klosterman

Nadwuar, the Human Serviette

Anthony Fantano of the Needle Drop. Forever.

The dudes from High Fidelity (2000)

and who could forget…

Steve Albini, the “Noam Chomsky of Music Nerds.”