Cheap Time Embarking On Massive Tour Starting Thursday

For the next two months Cheap Time will be playing nearly every night. Though they aren’t playing Boston, they ARE playing practically everywhere else in America!

Click “More” for a listing of all the dates; here’s a video from last year for “Another Time”:

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Song of the Day: Cheap Time – “Hall of Mirrors”

If you haven’t been paying attention, you may not have noticed Cheap Time has a new record out. It’s called Wallpaper Music and mentally brings me back to the tones of another In The Red release, Singles 06-07.

CD Review: Fantastic Explanations (and Similar Situations) [2010]

Band: Cheap Time
Release: 2010
In The Red

1. “When Tomorrow Comes” – B
2. “Everyone Knows” – A-
3. “I’d Rather Be Alone” – B
4. “Throwing It All Away” – C+
5. “Down the Tube” – B+
6. “Showboat” – C-
7. “Miss Apparent” – C+
8. “June Child” – C-
9. “Woodland Drive” – A-
10. “Lazy Days” – B
11. “Approximately Nowhere” – B
12. “Waiting Too Long” – C+

Comments: Young Jeffrey Novak had a ball on Cheap Time, the self-titled debut release of…Cheap Time! He and his boys created a pretty solid record of garage pop slingers that I thoroughly enjoyed. At his songwriting peak, he is just as awesome as former label-mates Black Lips and Jay Reatard. It’s unfortunately that really none of that great songwriting can be found on this record. Fantastic Explanations is a relaxed vacation on a island where everything is not all about speed. This approach isn’t as winning as I had hoped, but there is a decent moment or two to be listened to on here. Take the lazy “Everyone Knows,” which is simply a disgusted Jeffrey rambling over a hooky garage/grunge riff. The Ramones-esque “Woodland Drive” is a nice listen as well. Besides those songs there aren’t a whole lot of goodies.

Grade: B- (81)

Classic CD Review: Cheap Time

Band: Cheap Time
Release: 2008
Label: In The Red

1. “Too Late” – A-
2. “Glitter & Gold” – A-
3. “Zig-Zag” – A
4. “People Talk” – A
5. “Push Your Luck” – B+
6. “Living in the Past” – B+
7. “Tight Fit” – A
8. “Permanent Damage” – A-
9. “The Ballad of Max Frost” – B-
10. “Falling Down” – B+
11. “Over Again” – B
12. “Ginger Snap” – B
13. “Back To School” – B+
14. “Trip to the Zoo” – A

Comments: Cheap Time supported everyone’s best friend, Jay Reatard, on a 2008 tour to promote this fine album. Now, at a few gigs I’ve noticed opening bands not really sounding at all like the main act. In the case of Cheap Time, they happen to sound quite similar to Jay. With all songs except for one under three minutes, CT gets the job done quickly and relatively complex-free. These songs are kind of hard to at first judge and say “yeah, I like this” or “nah, this sucks.” “Tight Fit” might be the band’s best attempt at shoot-em up punk and, in my very humble opinion, one of the best on here. Overall, this isn’t a classic by any stretch of the imagination, but for 2008, it was definitely one of my big listens. It’s got its moments.