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Preview Mark Sultan/Spits/Wounded Lion New Albums

There is a handy way of previewing selected upcoming albums. Midheaven allows for brief previews of tracks. In other words, you can get a rough (one minute) idea of every song before buying the record. In The Red is one of the many labels that have this connection. So check out Mark Sultan’s new Whatever I Want and then navigate around to find other albums.

Upcoming LP Re-Issues

Some good news on the vinyl front:

In The Red Records will be re-issuing the currently very hard-to-find Black Lips LPs Los Valientes del Mundo Nuevo (2007), Good Bad Not Evil (2007), and 200 Million Thousand (2009) in August.

–  FDH Records will be re-issuing Terror Visions’ World of Shit. Originally released as a picture disc in 2006, this will be getting the proper LP treatment soon. And for those of you still confused, Terror Visions was a side project of Jay Reatard’s, similar in style to Lost Sounds, but harsher, darker and not as melodic.

CD Review: Castlemania [2011]

 Thee Oh Sees
Release: 5/2011
Label: In The Red

1. “I Need Seed” – A
2. “Corprophagist” – A-
3. “Stinking Cloud” – B
4. “Corrupted Coffin” – A
5. “Pleasure Blimp” – B+
6. “A Wall, A Century” – B+
7. “Spider Cider” – B
8. “Whipping Continues” – B+
9. “Blood on the Deck” – A-
10. “Castlemania” – B-
11. “AA Warm Breeze” – B
12. “Idea for Rubber Dog” – B-
13. “The Horse Was Lost” – B+
14. “I Won’t Hurt You” – B15. “If I Stay Too Long” – A+
16. “What Are We Craving?”- B-

Comments: For Castlemania, Thee Oh Sees seem to have rekindled (an understatement considering the band’s output) their interest in noisy experimentalism, all in the name of the pop hook. John Dwyer and Brigid Dawson deserve a great deal of credit for crafting ‘thee song’, but I feel obligated to mention how crucial the other members, Petey Dammit and Mike Shoun, were to this album. I mean, I don’t know this for a fact, but the reason why a lot of the tunes — the tunes that aren’t obvious pop gems — simply stick is due to sturdy rhythm. I’m talking about a thing like “Corprophagist,” which is all experimental and weird, but still maintains this unprecedented sense of pop realism. The speaking guitar noises as I like to call them because on their own… they blend in so well with the parts that Dwyer sings. Instrumentally speaking, “The Horse Is Lost” has a very dreary, yet optimistic feel to it. The obvious pop gems are tunes like “I Need Seed” (a psychedelic trip in itself, if you have a strong imagination of it), the dream/space rocker “Corrupted Coffin”, and the top of the Pops-esque, Brit invasion “If I Stay Too Long.” Now, the chorus in that song (and the ending) is one of the best I’ve heard in a while. It’s big. Now, now, my experience listening to Thee Oh Sees up to this point never included anything like this. It’s albums like these that might not get the end grade they deserve, but merit many listens after listens. I’ll give this one more chances and more time, but I’ve expressed my admiration for what I really dig above.

Grade: B+ (87)