Who to See: Neko Case or Tapes n’ Tapes

I was as going to go to the Tapes n’ Tapes concert at the Paradise on February 3, but instead I am considering going to go see Neko Case at the Wilbur. It is a tough decision actually I never saw either of them live and you never know what can happen, bands break up, Neko Case could not tour for another 5 years, stuff happens. I remember the first concert I was going to see was Elliott Smith, I ended up missing the show which turned out to be his last tour before he died. So I figured I would take this oppurtunity to occasionally take a look at who is playing at various places in Boston in a new feature “Who to See” . The idea is simple, you listen to a song from a couple of artist playing in the area on that date (date will be chosen based on who’s playing and how far in advance) and you decide who you would rather see.

First Up: Neko Case “People Got A Lotta Nerve”

Next: Tapes n’ Tapes “Insistor”

So let me know what you think!

CD Review: Outside [2011]

Tapes ‘n Tapes
Release: 1/2011
Label: Ibid Records

1. “Badaboom” – A
2. “SWM” – B+
3. “One In The World” – A-
4. “Nightfall” – B-
5. “Desert Plane” – B+
6. “Outro” – B-
7. “Freak Out” – B+
8. “The Saddest Of All Keys” – B
9. “Hidee Ho” – A-
10. “People You Know” – A
11. “On and On” – A-
12. “Mighty Long” – A

Comments: Tapes have always had a ‘bigger’ feel to them, but it seems more manifest on this record. They can pull a ballsy Kings of Leon on “SWM” and a fine orchestral sophisticated, extralocal Vampire Weekend esque swag on “One in the World.” The horns don’t disappear on “Nightfall,” which is a bit of a mess of a song. “People You Know” has a moderate Walkmen feel complete with a soothing organ and a tranquil rhythm. Just awesome. On that note, the last four songs on here rule; the sound that dominates on these songs is the sound that won me as a fan of the band. T+T keeping things simple and slowed down is best. I’m going to try to let the lower graded tracks grow on me. There’s a lot to like on here.

Grade: B+ (88)

Tapes ‘n Tapes play at the Paradise Rock Club on February 3, 2011.