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Nirvana: Nevermind 20th Anniversery Jon Stewart Interview

I know this is three months old, but I am just hearing it for the first time now. It is an interesting interview/Q & A session, but I wish there were more people asking questions that had a bit more knowledge about the subject matter beforehand OR was a fan of the undeground bands/scene that inspired Nirvana. What I like the most is hearing about all the amusing anecdotes that only the people present for the making of the album could tell you. Parts 2-7 are also available on You Tube.

SOTD: Nirvana- “Drain You” (1991)/ 20th Anniversery of NVM

This has been my favorite Nirvana song for years; I heard this was Kurt’s favorite and that he actually thought it would be more popular than Teen Spirit. I don’t have any sources to back that up, but it really doesn’t matter who thinks what, it’s a great pop song, that’s all ther is to it. I love the little Sonic Youth esque middle part of the tune too. Does anybody else have a favorite Nirvana song?

*Also, I totally forgot this month (8 days from now, September 24) will be the twentieth anniversey of Nevermind. Love it? Hate it? How has it held up over the years- influence and who? Or how has it not held up over the years? Let us know. I have my own thoughts that I might share in a separate post when that day comes (if I remember of course). Here’s an interesting New York Times article on the anniversery.

Who Did it Better? “Hey Hey, My My”

Back again after a bit of a hiatus and one of many new things that I discovered is the genius of Neil Young. Growing up my father always called him a poor man’s Bob Dylan, but I really learned to appreciate him. On that note, I figured I would start off with a “Who Did It Better?” segment between Neil Young and another great musical act Oasis for the song “Hey Hey, My My” (which is the song Cobain quoted in his death “It is better to burn out, then to fade away”).

*Note: Neil Young also has a song is called “My My, Hey Hey” lyrically it’s almost exactly the same, musically “My My, Hey Hey” has more of folk sound to it (both are off the album Rust Never Sleeps, “My My,Hey Hey” starts the album, “Hey Hey, My My” ends it) so just to showcase and add to the debate I will start off with “My My, Hey Hey”.

First up Neil Young

“My My, Hey Hey”

“Hey Hey, My My”

Next Oasis

“Hey Hey, My My”

I think the Oasis version has more of a fuller sound then either of Neil Young’s versions, but I think the song requires a more subtle touch (“My My, Hey Hey” is the more subtle) that Neil Young delivers, so I give the edge to Young over Oasis, and I also prefer “My My, Hey Hey” over “Hey Hey, My My”. but I really love all three versions.

Classic Film Review: Over the Edge

Full Title: Over the Edge
Director: Jonathan Kaplan
Year: 1979
Fun Fact: This was Kurt Cobain’s favorite film and served as inspiration for the “Smells Like Teen Spirit” music video.
Comments: This here is a molotov cocktail in your very hands for you youngsters out there. Yeah, I know y’all didn’t catch my little Jerry Rubin reference, but catch this a town filled with tired and uninspired teenagers abandoned by their wealthy parents, whom only care about making more money while their community is rotting from the inside. Edge is the dark version of Dazed and Confused (1993); kids in the 70s, apathetic, anarchic, and ready to Rock and Roll: having a good time is the top priority. I must say being a fan of youth oriented/teen/coming of age films, I really dug this work and while watching it I had a myriad of reactions. It really felt like I was watching some sort of archive footage from the 70s. In some ways the story seemed schizophrenic, meaning I could not tell if the movie was rooting for the kids or for the adults. There was this afternoon made for TV movie special feeling to it (which was actually kinda cool!) and simultaneously a Rock and Roll High School (1979) youth rebellion aesthetic to it as well. I have come to the conclusion that this ambiguous combination serves as a reminder that life in general is never black and white and this film does not need to shove a message down your throat to say something. Overall, I have very little to no gripes with this film; I thoroughly enjoyed it and I look forward to watching it again and again. It is not perfect, but honestly I don’t think I would like this film if it was. Ya dig?

: Going back to Cobain, with the characters in this flick I could totally see a little Kurt in some of these kids- before you know it they will be at their first Minor Threat/Black Flag show!

Grade: A-

Kurt’s Top 50

A list of Kurt Cobain’s top 50 favorite albums:

50. Raping a Slave – Swans
49. Mazzy Star – Mazzy Star
48. Over the Edge – Wipers
47. Youth of America – Wipers
46. Is This Real? – Wipers
45. The Man Who Sold the World – David Bowie
44. Beach Party – Marine Girls
43. Takes a Nation of Millions – Public Enemy
42. Flowers of Romance – Pil
41. The Record – Fear
40. Damaged – Black Flag
39. Locust Abortion Technician – Butthole Surfers
38. We are those who Ache Amorous Love – Half Japanese
37. Meet the Beatles – Beatles
36. Generic Flipper – Flipper
35. Yip Jump Music – Daniel Johnston
34. Superfuzz Bigmuff – Mudhoney
33. Last Sessions Vol 1 – Leadbelly
32. Tales of Terror – Tales of Terror
31. Jamboree – Beat Happening
30. Rites of Spring – Rites of Spring
29. Void/Faith EP – Void/Faith
28. Combat Rock – Clash
27. Typical Girls – Slits
26. Burning Farm Cassette – Shonen Knife
25. Green – R.E.M.
24. What is This? – Punk Comp California
23. Rocks – Aerosmith
22. Colossal Youth – Young Marble Giants
21. Raincoats LP – Raincoats
20. Anything by: – Kleenex
19. Know Your Product – The Saints
18. Get the Knack – The Knack
17. Daydream Nation – Sonic Youth
16. Dry – P.J. Harvey
15. It’s only Right and Natural – Frogs
14. Nevermind the Bollocks – Sex Pistols
13. Entertainment – Gang of Four
12. Rock for Light – Bad Brains
11. My War – Black Flag
10. Pee Pee the Sailor – Butthole Surfers
09. 1st EP – Saccharin Trust
08. 1st EP – Scratch Acid
07. Millions of Dead Cops – M.D.C.
06. Land Shark – Fang
05. Philosophy of the World – Shaggs
04. Sun Of A Gun – the Vaselines
03. POD – The Breeders
02. Surfer Rosa – Pixies
01. Raw Power – Iggy & The Stooges

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Mind Melting Mondays!

This is yet another new series for you klyamers, whoever or wherever you may be! With that being said, I will be up front right now, more likely than not, this series will not appear every Monday. Sorry lol. Anyway, basically these “mind melting” ditties are all of the noise rock, pop, etc. variety. Today we have the classic, 80s noise punk practicioners, Scratch Acid, a big influence on various underground musicians including Kurt Cobain, who was seen wearing a SA shirt in at least one photo. The song for you today is called “The Greatest Gift.” Enjoy!