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Who Did It Better?! “Bad Man”

“Bad Man” is a personal favorite of mine by the legendary Memphis Blues Punk/Garage band, The Oblivians, whom you should all know by now. Here is the original from their 1996 LP Popular Favorites (Crypt)

The first “cover” by Greg Oblivian & The Tip Tops from his 1998 LP Head Shop (Sympathy For the Record Industry). Technically, this isn’t a cover, since Greg Cartwright (Greg Oblivian) was the main songwriter in the original song above, but this is a totally different, mellower, version.

and lastly the second cover by Mister Heavenly with Michael Cera on guitar.

What do y’all think? For my money, the original is the best, but each version is unique in its own way and evokes different emotions. The covers both have almost a sensitive feeling to them, like someone pondering their love life. Whereas the Oblivians’ version is more like “yeah, I fucked her.”

Who Did It Better? “Dream Lover”

The Original: Bobby Darin– “Dream Lover” (1959)

Cover: The Paris Sisters– “Dream Lover” (1964)

Speaking of which, check out this trippy short film entitled Kustom Kar Kommandos (1965, Kenneth Anger), featuring the Sisters’ cover of “Dream Lover.” Big shout out to Andrue Coombes for introducing me to this film and this cover version altogether. Thanks brother!

So, Glen and I we’re discussing “Dream Lover” as we tend to wax philisophical when it comes to pop music of all kinds of slime, and Glen prefers Darin’s original, whereas I am much more of a Paris Sisters man. I love Darin’s tune, no doubt, but the Sisters truly bring the song to life in ways I would have never imagined, with of course the help of Mr. Phil Spector. Maybe, this is just my ears (which have been deemed as “fucked up” by others), but their cover version sinks into an eerie underbelly of American pop music that truly makes them stand out amongst the other more famous Girl Groups of the 1960s era. It’s just a weird pop song that reminds me of The Carpenters, almost like Carpenters meets Atlas Sound!

“Dream Lover” fans, be sure to catch the most epic rendition ever on thee upcoming Wiener cassette tape, I’m Not A Musician from the legendary Gangbang Gordon!

Who Did It Better?: Blue Moon

The Marcels- Blue Moon (1961)- THE ORIGINAL


Atlas Sound- Blue Moon (2009)

I’m going with my boy Bradford. The orginal is certainly a classic, but this song is even further augmented in Atlas’s slow, chill state. Seriously, one of the best covers I have ever heard. What do you guys think?

Who Did It Better?: The Model….

Up first, the orignal version of “The Model” by German synth pioneers Kraftwerk

Next, the cover version by the menacing, 80s noise trio (or should I say quartet ;) ) Big Black.

Perfect video!

So, who did it better? Well, I’m going with Big Black on this one, although I love both versions; Kraftwerk’s version I think is truly the better version, but I prefer BB’s cover because they are one of my favorite bands and they simply nailed it in this instance.

Who Did it Better? “Sympathy for the Devil”

Now this is a good one, not only because I am a big fan of both bands, but because Guns N’ Roses and the Rolling Stones are universally considered to be two of the greatest bands in rock and roll history (for me top ten). The song is “Sympathy for the Devil” by the Rolling Stones.

First up, The Rolling Stones:

Who Did it Better? “Hey Hey, My My”

Back again after a bit of a hiatus and one of many new things that I discovered is the genius of Neil Young. Growing up my father always called him a poor man’s Bob Dylan, but I really learned to appreciate him. On that note, I figured I would start off with a “Who Did It Better?” segment between Neil Young and another great musical act Oasis for the song “Hey Hey, My My” (which is the song Cobain quoted in his death “It is better to burn out, then to fade away”).

*Note: Neil Young also has a song is called “My My, Hey Hey” lyrically it’s almost exactly the same, musically “My My, Hey Hey” has more of folk sound to it (both are off the album Rust Never Sleeps, “My My,Hey Hey” starts the album, “Hey Hey, My My” ends it) so just to showcase and add to the debate I will start off with “My My, Hey Hey”.

First up Neil Young

“My My, Hey Hey”

“Hey Hey, My My”

Next Oasis

“Hey Hey, My My”

I think the Oasis version has more of a fuller sound then either of Neil Young’s versions, but I think the song requires a more subtle touch (“My My, Hey Hey” is the more subtle) that Neil Young delivers, so I give the edge to Young over Oasis, and I also prefer “My My, Hey Hey” over “Hey Hey, My My”. but I really love all three versions.

Who Did It Better? “Green Manalishi”

O.K. been gone for a little bit so I had time to think of a good one, the song “Green Manalishi” by Fleetwood Mac (Peter Green era) or Judas Priest.

First Fleetwood Mac:

Next Judas Priest:

I have always been drawn to the psychotic so gotta go with Peter and Fleetwood Mac on this one. While I got nothing against heavy metal, Judas Priest’s version seems, well heavy, Fleetwood Mac found the right balance I think.

Who Did It Better?: You Really Got Me

First up: The original
The Kinks:

Next: The cover
Van Halen:

I’m definitely going with the original, The Kinks were probably the most rockin band when they unleashed this slimy single on the world, a major precursor for heavier bands. The song in many ways invented (bothy lyrically and musically) a new kind of pop/love song for music. With that being said, Van Halen deliver a mean cover in the rowdy spirit of the original and beef it up a little bit more. Both are classics are in their own right.

What do y’all think?

Who Did It Better?: Take Up Thy Stephoscope and Walk

Hey all, every now and then I get inspired by Andrew’s segments and I throw in my own “Who Did It Better?” This time it’s a trippy one! Here we have two versions of the crazed, psychedelic tune “Take Up Thy Stephoscope and Walk.”

First up: The Original
Pink Floyd

Next: The Cover
At the Drive-In

You know up until a few weeks ago I would have gone Floyd all the way, but I think ADI simply expand on the original’s zaniness; they stay true to its acidy, early Floyd/Syd Barret, anarchic character, but make it even crazier and heavier! My one gripe, it’s a tad bit longer than it needs to be. So, what do y’all think? Who did it better?