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Top 5 Favorite Musical Acts (at the moment)

Hey sorry readers I haven’t been around lately (school work), I should be posting again regularly by the end of next month. Anyway I have had some time to check out some bands I never really gave a chance to before so I figured I would share them with you.

1) The Kills

2) Cage the Elephant

3) The Drums (personal favorite right now)

4) iO Perry

5) The Stills

Original ‘The Stills’ lineup reunite

Greg Paquet, former vocalist and lead guitarist of The Stills, left the band in 2005 after the tours supporting their debut album ‘Logic Will Break Your Heart’ and was replaced on guitar by drummer, Dave Hamelin. Recently Greg has rejoined the band and Dave has moved back behind the drum kit, essentially reuniting the original lineup that created the excellent pre-mentioned debut album (the line up is the same except it now includes keyboards, percussion, and backing vocals Liam O’Neil). Here is the video from The Stills debut album for the excellent song “Lola Stars and Stripes” (I was really tempted to go with ‚ÄúStill in Love Song” though).