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Twitter Exchange of the Day

"Sorry for selling you short!"

Hunx getting the best of P4k reviewer who said Hunx is “not exactly what you would call a classically trained singer” (NO SHIT!) and gave the latest record a 7.2.

Martin Douglas:
“My review of the new Hunx and His Punx record for Pitchfork Media is pretty good, I must say.”

Hunx (Seth Bogart): “I thought it sucked, I have a beautiful voice and am at least a 9!”

Hunx and His Punx Sign To Hardly Art/ New Song!

Blurb from the Hardly Art website:
News headlines don’t lie! The titillating bubblegum pop outfit Hunx & His Punx have signed with Hardly Art, with a brand new full-length forthcoming in early 2011. The new lineup – featuring an all-girl all-star group in addition to Hunx – is currently in the studio in NY and will perform their last show of the year at the Hardly Art showcase at Shea Stadium in Brooklyn on 10/21. Find more details on their artist page, stream a handful of tracks over at the band’s MySpace, and stay tuned for more info on the band’s new LP!

Hardly Art is a sister label of Sub Pop Records.

New song and music video alert:

Hunxie Punxie Scion Garage Show

I like the Punkettes because I like girls.

Hunx and the Punkettes (or maybe it’s back to the Punx???) will be able to say that they played a Scion Garage Show like many of their great contemporaries. The show is at the Knitting Factory on July 28 and you have to RSVP. No questions asked. If you’re ready to be in the presence on the gayest household name in power-pop, then by all means attend this show.