This Day In KLYAM (November 15)

The only explanation I can think of for not going to a show on November 15 is that we lived it up too much on November 14.

But maybe some days are just not really SHOW days? That theory doesn’t have much bite to it. For example, tonight there is Kal Marks, Exhalants, Rong, and Aneurysm at Hong Kong.

This Day In KLYAM (November 14)

The 5 year streak of going to shows on November 14 ended in 2019 :(

2018: Ts foss, B.J. Snowden, Glue (solo) – Potato Emporium

2017: Birthing Hips (tape release/last show), Blau Blau, Dove Lady, Andrea Pensado – Great Scott

2016: Illegally Blind, Kids Like You & Me, and Rad Castles Present: Straight Arrows, Sprit Ghost, Ryan Major & The Love Strangers, Chasms – ZuZu

2015: Providence Garage Fest: Black Beach, Future Spa, Midriffs, Party Pigs, Eric & Nothing, Neutrinos, The Nebulas, Gavage, THE WORRIED, Malyssa and the Sugar Cones, ST JAMES AND THE APOSTLES – AS220 (Providence, RI)

2014: Ty Segall, Guantanamo Baywatch, The Numerators, Rips – Death By Audio (Brooklyn, NY); Soft Cat, Vio/Mire, Anne Malin, Trashbaby, Horse Jumpers Of Love – Lasthaus

This Day In KLYAM (November 13)

2018: Ts foss, Pete Cassidy, Ezra Cohen, somekidwholiveshere – The Greenhouse (Salem)

2015: November 13 – Illegally Blind and Kids Like You & Me Present: Nobunny, The Monsieurs, Nice Guys, Gymshorts – Middle East Upstairs; The King Khan & BBQ Show, Milk Lines – Middle East Downstairs

This Day In KLYAM (November 12)

Thanksgiving dinner came early


2016: Kids Like You & Me Presents The Channels, TRIM, Request Freebird – Lilypad

2011: Big Mess, Killer BOB, A Bit Much, and Taiwan Typhoon – 119 Gallery (Lowell)

This Day In KLYAM (November 11)

2017: Hassle Fest 9 – Xiu Xiu (CA) PILL (NY), Erica Eso (NY), Trinary System, Buck Gooter (VA), Ono (CHI), Obnox (OH), Sunburned Hand of the Man, Creative Healing, Pink Navel, Sidney Gish, Ed Balloon – ONCE Ballroom