This Day In KLYAM (March 30)

2019: RUSSIAN TSARLAG / EVICSHEN / Dan Talbot / Baby;Baby / CorpseFkrz – Deep Thoughts

2016: Kids Like You & Me Present: Cumstain, Pookie & The Poodlez, The Mardi Kings, Idiot Genes – Out of the Blue Too

2015: Kids Like You & Me and Rad Castle Present: The Barbazons, Miami Doritos, GBG – ZuZu

2014: Tacocat, Dylan Ewen/Teenage Springsteen, Miami Doritos, Dylan Ewen & The Sulk Scouts – The Womb [REVIEW]

This Day In KLYAM (March 24)

2018: TRIM, Kim Boekbinder, Miss Geo, Brandi Blaze, Violet Nox, Ruby Luna – Lilypad

2017: The Memories (featuring Colleen Green), Jim Leonard, The Emotional, Ben Katzman’s DeGreaser – Middle East Upstairs

This Day In KLYAM (March 23)

2019: Future Punx, Joey Pizza Slice, Kremlin Bats – Deep Thoughts

2012: SARALEE, Guerilla Toss, Rotten Apples, Happy Jawbone Family Band, Jacques Le Coque, GG House Band – Gay Gardens/”Gary’s Garage” [REVIEW]