This Day In KLYAM (August 21)

2017: Kids Like You & Me Present: Earthquake Party, Love Strangers, American Whip Appeal – ZuZu

2015: Nice Guys (tour kick off), Creaturos, The Double Buscemis, The Marty Kings – Grandma’s House

This Day In KLYAM (August 19)

2016: Fuzzstival, Night One ft. Lyres, The Monsieurs, Creaturos, Mr Airplane Man, Dent, Nice Guys, New England Patriots, Midriffs, Scully, Kid Mountain, Birthing Hips – Middle East Downstairs

This Day In KLYAM (August 17)

2015: Kids Like You & Me Present: Beware the Dangers of a Ghost Scorpion, Electric Street Queens, The Shallow End Divers – ZuZu

2012: Fat Creeps, Muck and the Mires, Electric Mess – Precinct [REVIEW]

2011: Handsome Furs, Earthquake Party- Brighton Music Hall [REVIEW]

This Day In KLYAM (August 16)

A few years from now when I am an old man, about 27, I will be standing alone at a show, nursing a Narragansett and trying to relieve myself of an ailing hangover, when some young scrawny, pimple faced lad, about 16, will approach me and ask “what were the early Fat Creeps shows like?” to which I will respond, “fuck off, get me another beer junior. Let’s go find your sister.” Fortunately, I am still young and only 70% bitter, so I will enjoy these last few years before the remaining 30% takes over.

2014: Nice Guys (LAPD Tape Release), The Televibes, Beware The Dangers Of A Ghost Scorpion!, Beach Toys, Creaturos (3 piece), Chandos – Black Lodge

2013: Dylan Ewen, Miami Doritos, Zebu!, Fat Dweebz – JP Drive In [REVIEW]