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Almost Ready Releasing Ultimate Nobunny “Love Visions” On 4/20

Check it out! Almost Ready Records is putting out that baby above in time for Record Store Day, which is April 20th in case you didn’t know. Love Visions is the bubblegum/punk/pop classic (a.k.a one of the most fun albums) from our perennial hero NOBUNNY, first released in 2008 and re-issued a handful of times (at least) since.

Word around the street is the edition above includes 6 remastered singles, a poster, lyrics, stickers, etc, etc. Damn!

Check out Nobunny performing one of Love Visions’ finest – “Tina Goes To Work” – at GonerFest:

Upcoming Release: “The MaximumRockNRoll EP” (NOBUNNY)

Coming forth on Record Store Day (April 21) is what will most likely be an incredible piece of music from one of our favorites, Nobunny!!!! It’s called The MaximumRockNRoll EP and is “minimum fidelity and maximum punk attack”. That sounds good I tell ya! It will be released by the great Goner Records.

Side A: “Assholes” “At The Mall” “I Can’t Stop”
Side B: “I See Swastikas” “Lizard Liar$ & Sluts For Hire”

The Growlers – Gay Thoughts LIVE

What you get at a Growlers show in Cali: beautiful women, some here and there moshing, beer, of course. And some music like none other. If you really think about it, there aren’t any bands doing what these guys are doing. It’s something special. This one here is a 2011 cut off a 7″ of the same name, in honor of record store day.

Link: http://vimeo.com/25061995