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Pick Up Maine Coons 7″ On Stencil Trash Records!

Maine Coons, one of KLYAM’s beloved bands and one of the finest punk slimers in existence, is releasing a 7″ on Stencil Trash Records! Pick it up here with the new Gremlins UK 7″ EP: http://spentplanet.bigcartel.com/product/maine-coons-lathe-cut-gremlins-uk-7

1) Ghetto Queen
2) Uniform Choice
3) Tired and Inspired

Hot damn!

Buy Some Maine Coons Cat T-Shirts!

You looking for a great bday present for a friend, loved one, or potential enemy? Get em’ these classy Maine Coons  t-shirts!http://spentplanet.bigcartel.com/product/maine-coons-t-shirt

Ohh and if you don’t know who Maine Coons is/was, do some homework and discover a true motherfucker. Click here: http://themainecoons.bandcamp.com/album/s-t Hit after hit after hit.

BOTW: Maine Coons

Yessir indeed, the one and only Maine Coons! Everywhere I go (music related) I drop my two favorite cum punk bands Cumstain and the Maine Coons. The Maine Coons is one man insane pop mastermind, Dave Spent. Good work Dave! MC is one of the finest bands roaming the planet right now, and I don’t toss around those words lightly. Seriously catchy jams of the Black Lips, King Khan & BBQ Show, Nobunny, Beets, Fat History Month variety. I cannot emphasize anymore how awesome this band is. Check out “My Kinda Luv,” “Hey Dickhead,” “Ghetto Queen,” ” I Am a Motherfucker,”- you know what just check out the whole Maine Coons LP from last year. Here is a mini review I did, placing the record in my top ten for twenty ten: https://klyam.com/2010/12/07/chriss-top-ten-of-twenty-ten/

Tell two friends about the Maine Coons and tell them to tell two friends and eventually the world will live as one or we will all end up killing each other and sleeping with our cousins, it could go either way.  But, don’t you want to be one of those cool kids that can brag to your friends that you knew this band before it was cool!