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Lady Gaga: Not as outrageous and monstrous as the big corporate creatures would like you to believe. Her whole shock thang is nothing new. Her purpose is to creep you out and creep you in again lol and she succeeds and loves it. But, there’s nothing triumphant about that. It’s like Madonna’s sex book, created solely for attention and to prove that sex sells. WELL NO SHIT! Do you know what country your in? Might as well go crazy and make a wild, cutting edge porno while you are trying to “dupe” us into buying your filth, instead of some risque black and white photos. Well, now I’ve digressed from the original topic, Ms. Gaga. Can’t believe I’m writing that retarded name. I’ll admit, I do find her sexy in her bizarre weirdo costumes, but her music still severely sucks and her act reminds me of a bad version of Alice Cooper (who I’m a huge fan of musically and theatrically), especially her performance at last week’s Grammys, which I watched in Cultural Studies class. I hate when folks rave about how wild she is and what not. Consider most of the bands we champion on here… need I say more? Alas, she’s a mere pawn in the corporate gangbang. Who isn’t?!

Death Penalty: I would never give the state the power to execute an individual. Are you outta your fucking minds?! Horrible idea. Yes, I know some fuckers truly deserve to be dead and in fact perhaps deserve a far worse death than a pussy injection. But, in the grand scheme of things it’s not just. I agree human life should be valued, but I don’t necessarily see it as the most inhumane concept either. My contention is why let some fucks die and let even worse mass murderers get away scott free and live happily ever after? Of course I am speaking of various powerful, political figures, namely those at the top like the Commander in Chief. The Chief torturer of the world. The Chief terrorist of the world. So, in other words, abolish the death penalty and FREE MUMIA IMMEDIATELY!!!

High Art Vs. Pop/Low Art: Ohh Che, you cute, pop superstar! The photo is courtesy of Mr. Andy Warhola lol. What is high art/culture and what is low/art culture? Well, these terms mean different things to different people. Some say Beethoven’s symphony is high art made for the intellectually inclined few and the fast bubblegum blasting rock of the Ramones is low art made for the uneducated masses. Perhaps, but to me such distinctions as high and low is far too elitist. I prefer to north and south and east and west and up and down and all around and do the naked hoola dance and if it’s grooving, I’ll keep moving, and if it’s slime, it ain’t worth my time.


EP Review: The Fame Monster

Band: Lady Gaga
Label: Interscope
Release: November 18, 2009

1. “Bad Romance” – 7.3 – This is okay. The “ra ra” makes it okay. The chorus is the worst part.
2. “Alejandro” – 4.6 – Basic dance song with Spanish inclinations.
3. “Monster” – 5.8 – Boring. There is a decent background beat, but the main one is redundant.
4. “Speechless” – 6.1 –  Dumb, Queen (the band) imitation.
5. “Dance in the Dark” – 5.3 – Watered down sort of like Monster.
6. “Telephone” – 6.3 – Silly concept.
7. “So Happy I Could Die” – 5.0 – There’s only so much Lady can do to change it up.
8. “Teeth” – 3.9 – Terrible. One of the worst songs of the year. Yup.

Final Grade: 5.5