EP Review: The Fame Monster

Band: Lady Gaga
Label: Interscope
Release: November 18, 2009

1. “Bad Romance” – 7.3 – This is okay. The “ra ra” makes it okay. The chorus is the worst part.
2. “Alejandro” – 4.6 – Basic dance song with Spanish inclinations.
3. “Monster” – 5.8 – Boring. There is a decent background beat, but the main one is redundant.
4. “Speechless” – 6.1 –  Dumb, Queen (the band) imitation.
5. “Dance in the Dark” – 5.3 – Watered down sort of like Monster.
6. “Telephone” – 6.3 – Silly concept.
7. “So Happy I Could Die” – 5.0 – There’s only so much Lady can do to change it up.
8. “Teeth” – 3.9 – Terrible. One of the worst songs of the year. Yup.

Final Grade: 5.5

One thought on “EP Review: The Fame Monster”

  1. Ahh reviewing mainstream monsters now I see. It’s putrid scent leapt thru the screen and rammed into my nostrils, I’ll protect my ears and save ’em for GOOD music.

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