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Check out PAPERMAG’s awesome interview with the Black Lips’ Jared Swilley in which he discusses the band’s experiences touring the Middle East and some misconceptions about Middle Eastern cultural as a whole.

Can’t wait to see the band play at the Paradise on April 19th!

Good-Bad, Not Evil

Jared Swilley – 2003

“I think we’re good-bad, not evil. A lot of club owners say they don’t like us, but deep down, I think they do. We like to create an atmosphere of chaos at our shows. I really hate going to shows where people just stand around and don’t do anything — you could do that at home with a video. If you come to see the Black Lips, we’re really going to do everything we can to put on a show. And if we’re going to break stuff or go nuts, we’re all really careful not to damage the club’s equipment. We do get into some trouble, but it’s never too much trouble. I think a lot of the stories people are hearing about us are blown way out of proportion.”