Nathan Williams & L’il Bro Kynan Introduce Sweet Valley- “Total Carnage”

Wavves’ Nathan Williams has teamed up with his younger brother Kynan in a new project called Sweet Valley and here is the debut cut “Total Carnage” from their upcoming release Stay Calm out on Fool’s Gold on August 7, 2012!

More info here:

Black Lips Live On Spin Tommorow

Black Lips
are doing a live streaming interview and 45 minute performance tommorow on Spin. Check it out, it begins at 2 PM EST! Speaking of the Lips… going to NY to see them on Saturday. Hell at the Hall, they’re calling it.


I’m going to give this a 7/8, out of all the new songs Wavves have been conjuring up for us recently, this ditty is definitely one of the better ones. I really dig the “Post Acid” esque production: heavy percussion, loud guitars, prominent-poppy vocals, etc. Lyrically, we see the same themes of laziness and overall apathy that often appear in Wavves’ tunes. This track is certainly catchy, but doesn’t reach the emotional level of a “So Bored,” or the innovation of a “Linus Spacehead.” With that being said, it looks like they are moving in a positive direction and this is a step forward from King of the Beach, which admittedly is a hard record to top. In the end, there are no surprises here, but it’s also not a carbon copy of previous Wavves songs. Fans will most likely enjoy this, I did.