“A Decade of Debauchery: Die Slaughterhaus Hits the Double Digits”

Old King Cole YOUNGER!-  Photo by  Adam Bruneau. JHONI JACKSON’s archives: features, reviews and more

This is a year old, but I just found this to be far too informative and fun not to share it with you punk slimers out there. Here’s a great article by Jhoni Jackson about the Die Slaughterhaus’s tenth anniversery. The Die Slaughterhaus was a house venue turned label that began in 2001 in Atlanta, GA, showcasing the likes of some of the greatest rock and rollers of our generation in the form of the Black Lips, Deerhunter, the Carbonas, and more. This article/interview focuses mostly on the role of label head, Mark Naumann and how his particpation in this moment in time helped paved the way for similar artists/labels/venues in the Atlanta punk music scene(s) and beyond. Here’s the article: http://jhonijackson.blogspot.com/2011/07/feature-decade-of-debauchery-die.html

SOTD: Gentlemen Jesse- “Rest Of My Days” (2008)

So, unforunately KLYAM does not control time zones. Yeah, this is a massive dissapointment for me too. Apparently we cannot be in two places at once, fuck! This translates into us missing Gentlemen Jesse & His Men at Great Scott last night :(. We were too busy witnessing the awesomeness of Ty Segall live for the very first time at the Space Gallery in Portland, Maine!; Strange Boys and White Fence were nothing short of pure rock and roll/high quality entertainment as well. Okay, enough of that peter puffing for now, back to thee gentlemen. We’ve seen them a few times and they rock, of course, so it was too bad we missed one of our favorite Atlanta bands. Here’s a personal favorite, “Rest Of My Days,” that I like to sing when I walk to the liquor store or sleep in extremely late. Cheers!


This is fantastic news! 2012 appears to be the year of KLYAM faves hitting up Boston, and Atlanta greats, Gentlemen Jesse and His Men are one of those faves. Can’t wait to see them on May 14 at the Great Scott in Allston, MA.

Upcoming: Gentleman Jesse – “Leaving Atlanta”

Coming soon (March 20) on Douchemaster Records, a solo Gentleman Jesse record. 13 songs that sound, from the :45 second previews here, like…Gentleman Jesse! And that’s always an awesome thing. Whether there will be no more “men” along with him (in the future) or not is the question, but a little unrelated to this precise release so…yeah!