Black Lips Bring Back Jack Hines!

Yerp, that’s good old Jack Hines in that video from May 30, 2003. Jack took over for original Lips guitarist Ben Eberbaugh after Eberbaugh’s tragic death in December 2002. He remained with the band until mid to late 2004, when Ian Saint Pé, the guitarist we’ve all come to know and love, replaced him and has been kicking it with the Lips ever since. Apparently now, however, Jack is back in the band filling in for Ian for a little while or possibly for good?. Damn, I’m going to miss Ian :(, but it will be interesting to see this line up on the upcoming mega Black Lips/KKBBQ tour this Fall. Bring back all that great We Did Not Know The Forest Spirit Made The Flowers Grow slime! I hope all is well with all y’all.

Read more about it in Creative Loafing Atlanta:

Video: Ian St. Pe – Fixed Focus – “Movin’ On Up”

The G’est of all G’s, Ian St. Pe, has a video out now for “Movin’ On Up,” one hell of a song that has been around for a while now. According to Filter, he is working on a Fixed Focus album. That’ll be nice, of course. But yeah, check on this video, it’s just about what’d you expect from the man:

Ian St. Pe: “Roughly 30 Songs to Choose From” For New BL Record

November 14 marked the last day the Black Lips recorded in the studio with Mark Ronson. According to Ian St. Pe’s twitter: “We now have roughly 30 songs to choose from for our next record. This new one is gonna be the Shit!”

I always love hearing that kind of stuff. They should include ’em all on a double LP. Whatcha think about that, Vice?