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Very Very Underrated – The Ponys – “Double Vision”

The Ponys are, yes, quite underrated. They did some touring with Black Lips in 2007, released albums on In The Red and Matador, and have had some songs appear in commercials and video games. Still, though, I (and others as evidenced in YouTube comments) feel they’ve been under-appreciated. Here’s to hoping good fortunes to The Ponys.

This Show Actually Happened #1

Random new feature that tells of shows that happened in Boston (because that’s what we’re familiar with) that look highly unusual or unbelievable in hindsight.

#1 – BLACK LIPS Opening for THE PONYS @ TT THE BEARS – MARCH 27, 2007

There are a few oddities in this one! Obviously, Black Lips opening for The Ponys just wouldn’t sound right today. Since this gig, they’ve played a show at the Bank of America Pavilion opening for Raconteurs (reasonable) and three at the Middle East Downstairs. As for the Ponys, they’ve only been back here once and that was later in 2007 opening for Spoon. The Ponys did “breakthrough” before Black Lips with their March 2007 release of Turn the Lights Out on Matador. Black Lips would get their big break in September with their Vice studio debut Good Bad Not Evil. And finally…this was at TT The Bears, the little venue for national bands just starting to make the rounds across the country! Black Lips were doing their thing for 7 years before this show and The Ponys for at least 6!