Hunx and His Punx Sign To Hardly Art/ New Song!

Blurb from the Hardly Art website:
News headlines don’t lie! The titillating bubblegum pop outfit Hunx & His Punx have signed with Hardly Art, with a brand new full-length forthcoming in early 2011. The new lineup – featuring an all-girl all-star group in addition to Hunx – is currently in the studio in NY and will perform their last show of the year at the Hardly Art showcase at Shea Stadium in Brooklyn on 10/21. Find more details on their artist page, stream a handful of tracks over at the band’s MySpace, and stay tuned for more info on the band’s new LP!

Hardly Art is a sister label of Sub Pop Records.

New song and music video alert:

2 thoughts on “Hunx and His Punx Sign To Hardly Art/ New Song!”

  1. Yesssss! I can’t wait for the new album as Gay Singles was my favorite from last year and one of my all time favorite records. I wonder if this a straight up LP or another singles compilation. Either way I hope they tour and come to Boston to support it.

  2. Yeah, I love this video as wth all of Justin Kelly’s music videos. Just has that wonderful 70s John Waters/Rock and Roll High School, campy, if you will, look to it. Great song, looking forward to hear more.

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