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Review: Dylan Ewen & The Sulk Scouts @ Craft House (2/8/14)

Bands: Indian Twin, Life Size Maps, Dylan Ewen & The Sulk Scouts
Date: Saturday, February 8, 2014
Venue: Craft House (Medford, MA)

Dylan Ewen & The Sulk Scouts – It’s great to be back in the Craft House/Crab Haus, fuck it whatever you wish to call it, it’s swell. It sure as hell beats the cold outside, beats it right off. My balls are about to freeze into ice, ice, ice baby where am I going with this? There’s heat inside the haus, warmth – both physical and emotional. Me, my frozen testicles, and a case of PBR pop a squat upfront for the The Sulk Scouts.

I’ve seen my man Dylan Ewen a few times now in various incarnations, but this is my introduction to the Sulk Scouts, a girl group that plays with Dylan Ewen (vocals/guitar) and D. Ewen reg, Chris Geller on drums. The girls’ vocals are really sweet and smooth, they harmonize well. The vocals bounce off Dylan’s in a fun way and mixed with Chris’ drums the band has a sunny, day at the beach vibe to them. Gimmie a fucking hot chocolate and put an end to this miserable winter already! Sulk Scouts will suffice.

A couple of days ago, I saw a show at Agganis Arena and while I enjoyed most of the music itself, the experience just seemed so foreign to me. With this performance, I am glad to be back to my usual environment. I don’t want to say comfort zone, because those are no fun! Anywho, it’s a real pleasure to see some kids play in a living room and just have fun with the music. Not take themselves too seriously. That’s the attitude. It’s quirky, it’s  sexy, but above all it’s FUN. The crowd gets it as some light, playful moshing consumes the Craft House space.

This set is filled with buses, horses, tuff girls, and handcuffs, but my favorite part is when The Sulk Scouts cover Girls’ signature song “Lust For Life.” The harmonies I spoke of earlier are exceptional in this instance. Shit brings me back to 2009 when I first heard and loved this song and so did you. Come on, you mean you didn’t blast “Lust For Life” and dance around in your underwear with a pizza and a bottle of wine? Damn,  was it just me?!

Dylan’s a pimp.

“The Bus Song”
“Us Girls Got It Tuff”
“Cool Party”
“Lust For Life” (Girls cover)
“Horses Are Better”
“Forgot How to Have Fun”
“Fkuu Me”

Life Size Maps – Yeah, this just ain’t my thing at all. I hated it actually. Just not my thing.

Indian Twin – Damn, now these guys sounded more to my liking, but I only hear a few tunes before it’s time to depart to catch that nasty train. Next time!