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Band Recommendation: The Cretin Stompers Are Here

The Cretin Stompers – if you’ve never heard of them, that’s fine because they are a new band – consist of Billy Hayes (who shouldn’t need an introduction, but for new slimers – he was a vocalist/drummer in the beloved Barbaras and drummer in Wavves and Jay Reatard’s band), Alex Gates (guitarist currently in Wavves, formerly of Barbaras and Magic Kids), and Big Muff.

As of right now, the band has made three songs available for listening via SoundCloud. These will be on their first LP  Looking Forward To Being Attacked and will be coming soon. Their sound, judging from these songs, is really poppy, which shouldn’t be a surprise knowing these guys. Poppy with chosen rough production and whirling guitars. Take a listen to “Eye of the Storm,” which brings me back to Smith Westerns in its bubblegummy ‘oh yea’ rocking get-up.

Band Spotlight: The Barbaras

History: Five best friends who’ve been making jamz since 2006, at the latest. Maybe even earlier than that. It’s a band that features members of The Boston Chinks and possibly some other dudes, though we’ll never know for certain.
Years Active: 2006-Present
Label: Goner/In The Red
Genre: Bubblegum/Psychedelic Pop
Line-Up: Will, Billy, Alex, Bennett, Stephen, Ben, Michael, and Ray.
Musical Style: Like others have said, they sound like the Beach Boys with a little bit more of an experimental knack. I’m sure a notable portion of King of the Beach was inspired by these recordings that Billy and Stephen were in on. They also sometimes sound like a happy Jay Reatard. Huh?
Best Album: I don’t think they’ve released a full length yet.
Top Songs: All of the songs on their Myspace page are pretty grand.


Band Quit! Fuck Them!

This is spreading an internet wildfire:

“Band quit! Fuck them! They are boring rich kids who can’t play for ahit anyways … Say hello to your ugly and boring wifes opps I mean lifes guys suck it.”

That’s Jay Reatard communicating the apparent demise of his touring band via Twitter this morning. If or how this will affect his upcoming U.S. and European tour dates is not known at press time. (A rep for Jay did not have any more information.)

UPDATE: It has been confirmed that bassist Stephen Pope and drummer Billy Hayes have indeed quit the band. Reatard is currently looking for new band members. However, no upcoming tour dates have been canceled.

Punk rock, dude. Punk fucking rock.

They did something right when we saw them play at Harpers Ferry last weekend. Of course, Stephen Pope sucks at bass. It’s not ground breaking, Jay. Ask him to play in the key of A and he will eat peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.