Band Recommendation: The Cretin Stompers Are Here

The Cretin Stompers – if you’ve never heard of them, that’s fine because they are a new band – consist of Billy Hayes (who shouldn’t need an introduction, but for new slimers – he was a vocalist/drummer in the beloved Barbaras and drummer in Wavves and Jay Reatard’s band), Alex Gates (guitarist currently in Wavves, formerly of Barbaras and Magic Kids), and Big Muff.

As of right now, the band has made three songs available for listening via SoundCloud. These will be on their first LP  Looking Forward To Being Attacked and will be coming soon. Their sound, judging from these songs, is really poppy, which shouldn’t be a surprise knowing these guys. Poppy with chosen rough production and whirling guitars. Take a listen to “Eye of the Storm,” which brings me back to Smith Westerns in its bubblegummy ‘oh yea’ rocking get-up.

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