Wavves Scoring New MTV Series/Playing @ Royale W/ F’ED UP


This is quite interesting, brah. Whether you like MTV or not (which, I don’t) if you’re a fan of Wavves then you will at least give Nathan his due and check it out or keep your mouth shut. Nathan and Wavves have never steered us wrong, so I look forward to hearing some sweet tunes. We’ll see how this goes. Can’t wait to hear the new Life Sux EP.

P.S. as much as I hate corporations- and as a sidebar I do feel uncofortable about the fact that they label Wavves as “hipster music” and that’s why they are using it for their show. Sure, a lot of hipsters listen to Wavves, but hip or not, has nothing to do with the quality of their music. Anyway, as much as I like to bash corporate music, I’m not going to hold it against Nathan or the band for soundtracking (is that a word?) an MTV series.


Wavves is playing (opening) the ROYALE on Friday, September 23 with Fucked Up, abbreviated F’ED UP here because Fucked Up is just too long of a name.

BUT WAIT THERE’S MORE! On top of all the other exciting Wavves news, here is a video from The Daily Habit of Wavves performing one of my favorite rap/hip hop songs (“Liquid Swords”) with one of my favorite rap/hip hop artists, GZA. GZA just loves jamming with Honorary KLYAMers: Black Lips, King Khan, and now Wavves. Yeeeeee.