Back In Time: Angry Angles On WFMU

Jay Reatard, Alix Brown, and Ryan Rousseau play a set on WFMU back in 2006 on WFMU. Included in the set is “Blood Visions” and “Nightmares,” both of which were kept around as Jay Reatard solo songs on Blood Visions.


Almighty Defenders @ Primavera

Link To Listen:


1. “All My Loving”
2. “Ghost With The Most”
3. “Over the Horizon”
4. “Cone of Light”
5. “Jihad Blues”
6. “He Touched Me” [Cover]
7. “I’m Coming Home” [Cover]
8. “She Came Before Me”
9. “The Great Defender”
10. “Bow Down and Die”