RIP Jay (5 Years Ago Today)

We do this every year and ever year I say “damn, has it been that long?” I suppose five years is a milestone, but whatever it’s always the right time to celebrate the life and music of Jay Reatard. Jay was unlike any performer I’ve seen before or since it was as if he was in flames or someone held a pistol to his temple and said “I’m going to pull the trigger if you don’t bust this song out now with everything in you… and do it in two minutes or less.” His music, live and on record, was fiery, raw, and angry. That was his entire attitude. A certain aggression that others lacked. Most of us are too nice for that OR it’s some bullshit machismo. But, Jay was different. He was making pop music, just incredibly brutal pop music. RIP.


Flyer by Erick Fruehling

We will be freezing our asses off in February, but at least we’ll have plenty of rock ‘n’ roll to heat us up haha! Enter Madison, Wisconsin’s FIRE RETARDED, a demonic, boisterous crew of lads (featuring Bobby Hussy of The Hussy) that are hitting up the East Coast and South this Winter! We’re especially excited for their show on Monday, February 9th @ Middle East’s ZuZu in Cambridge w/ The Fagettes, Miami Doritos, and Gangbang Gordon!
. It’s a KLYAM Presents affair and we’re teaming up with weekly Monday night ZuZu hosts, Rad Castle. For everyone else, check out the dates below…

Tour Dates:
Wednesday 2/4 – Chicago, IL @ The Empty Bottle
w/ Rat Hammer, The Sueves
Thursday 2/5 – Indianapolis, IN @ Sexxx Mansion / House
Friday 2/6 – Detroit, MI @ UFO Factory
w/ Growing Pains
Saturday 2/7 – Cleveland, OH @ Now That’s Class
w/ New Planet Trampoline, Brent Collins, Ancestral Pearls
Sunday 2/8 – Buffalo, NY @ TBA
Monday 2/9 – Boston, MA @ ZuZu
w/ The Fagettes, Gangbang Gordon, Miami Doritos
Tuesday 2/10 – Brooklyn, NY @ The Palisades
w/ Sharkmuffin
Wednesday 2/11 – Baltimore, MD @ The Windup
Thursday 2/12 – Richmond, VA @ Strange Matter
Friday 2/13 – Wilmington, NC @ Reggies 42nd Club
w/ Deadly Lo-Fi
Saturday 2/14 – Atlanta, GA @ 529
Sunday 2/15 – New Orleans, LA @ Saturn Bar
w/ Buck Biloxi, Trampoline Team
Monday 2/16 – Austin, TX @ The Grand
w/ A Giant Dog
Tuesday 2/17 – Fort Worth, TX @ TBA
Wednesday 2/18 – Memphis, TN @ Buccaneer
w/ Manateees
Thursday 2/19 – Springfield, MO @ TBA
Friday 2/20 – Kansas City, KS @ Minibar
w/ Lazy, Wet Ones, Kool 100s
Saturday 2/21 – Omaha, NE @ O’Leavers
Monday 2/23 – Madison, WI @ Mickey’s Tavern
w/ Human Kindness
Facialbook event page:


Behold the official music video for “Cop Walk” from every kid’s favorite KLYAM band NICE GUYS. Holy sweat Robin, this is the real deal. It’s even got Kevin Bacon in it and he’s doing the Cop Walk too! I bet you can’t do six degrees of Kevin Bacon and Nice Guys? I can, but I’m not giving away my secrets…

Tall Juan Live In Boston

Hot damn! Watch this ill live set of Tall Juan (featuring Juan Wauters on drums and Ben Katzman on bass) at the Whitehaus last week. There’s a nasty mix of OGs and CLASSIC punk. Enjoy. Shot by Zacharie Lanoue.

P.S. pick up your Tall Juan BUFU Records cassingle here: