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Music Video: Black Beach – “Rats”

Yo what up fuckers, the week is almost over and I bet you’re pretty excited, well here’s another reason to be excited, so excited you’re going to burst into flames of excitement… the latest music video from local yokels Black Beach. It’s called “Rats” and it’s sure to please the eyes, the ears, the hips, and the soul. It’s kooky ass kool fun for the whole family. Wavy colors and footage from last month’s record release show at Mid East Up. Eat it uppp: http://blackbeachma.bandcamp.com/

Music Video: The Monsieurs – “Young Gun”

Sick! If you’re a rock ‘n’ roll nut (why wouldn’t you be?) then The Monsieurs are just what the doctor ordered. Raw and nasty rock ‘n’ roll with a pinch of bubbleyum sweetness. All on display here in this new music video for “Young Gun,” a tune that appears on their new record out on Black Gladiator/Slovenly.

Record Release show this Friday at the Cantab Lounge with Nice Guys and Free Pizza: https://www.facebook.com/events/542009525942992/?ref=br_tf

Music Video: Cretin Stompers – “Adult Child”

Yo! Check out the new music video for Cretin Stompers’ “Adult Child” off their full-length LP Looking Forward To Being Attacked. The video is directed by Joslyn Crocco and it’s pretty nuts, may cause seizures. You’ve been warned. They weren’t foolin’ when they said they were stomping and attacking.
Listen to the whole album here: http://cretinstompers.bandcamp.com/album/looking-forward-to-being-attacked

Music Vid: Soupcans – “Crimes Of The Future, Part II”

Watch the latest video from Toronto’s finest Soupcans. As always, it’s a bloody, noisy affair. A little less noisy than usual it seems, but still sinister.

Tour Dates:
June 06 – Toronto @ Cinecycle
June 20 – Calgary, Seld Island @ CJSW 90.0 FM, 12pm
June 20 – Calgary, Sled Island @ National Music Ctr., 11pm
June 21 – Calgary, Sled Island @ Tubby Dog, 4pm
June 22 – Kelowna @ Fernando’s
June 23 – Abbotsford @ O’Neil’s
June 24 – Portland @ East End
June 25 – Olympia @ TBAJune 26 – Seattle @ Black Lodge
June 27 – Victoria, Shake/Arama Festival @ Logan’s Pub
June 28 – Vancouver @ Red Gate