Music Video: Robot Death Kites – “Sleep Deprived”

AWWWW Fuck yeah, the TRL premiere for Rainbow Dream Kittenns errr ROBOT DEATH KITES’ insomniac anthem “Sleep Deprived.” A number I can relate to all too well, safe to say you probably can too.

If you like what you see/hear from this Brooklyn based band, then check out the whole EP Yuppie Nightmare here:

Robot Death Kites @ The Flat (6/14/14)

Video shot by Sixdust NYC Music

Watch this video of Brooklyn’s Robot Death Kites going nuts at their Yuppie Nightmare EP release show at The Flat. I can’t think of a better way to spend the next half hour.

Give the EP a listen here:

Music Vid: Robot Death Kites – “No Thanks”/ New EP

After a long, tiring, mind numbing work week I could use a band like Robot Death Kites. Fast, heavy, sludgy PUNK. Blistering anti-establishment that will knock fat corporate ogres flat on their fat fucking asses. Above is the band’s new music video for “No Thanks,” a song from their upcoming EP Yuppie Nightmare, which you can pre order here:

The EP release show is at Shea Stadium (Brooklyn, NY) on Saturday, June 7th. Sleep tight. 

Robot Death Kites – “Yuppie Nightmare” EP Release This March

Brooklyn, New York’s Robot Death Kites are a massive middle finger to all the wolves and corporate scumfucks of Wall Street. The video above is a trailer for their forthcoming EP Yuppie Nightmare to be released this March. Keep your eyes open.
For More RDK: