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Club Bohemia GBG

YO! It’s Friday night, don’t waste it away on the couch doing the old one tug. NO! Come out to Club Bohemia (Cantab Lounge basement) in Cambridge, where Kids Like You & Me (KLYAM) is throwing a wack ass show featuring four crazy rock ‘n’ roll bands. We have Providence soul maniacs Ravi Shavi, Allston noise poppers Big Buck Hunter, smooth 60’s psychedelic garage rockers Phaze, and outsider bedrocker Gangbang Gordon and crew on tap for the evening. Doors at 8, music starts at  9. $7 buckaroos. 21+ sorry kids :(. Come out and play!!!!

FB Event Page, cuz you gotta have one nowadays:

Ravi Shavi:
Big Buck Hunter:
Gangbang Gordon:


Club Bohemia GBG
Well look what we have here. An evening of local Rock ‘n’ Roll slime prime time on Friday, October 24th at Club Bohemia (Cantab Lounge basement) in Cambridge.

Some of the juiciest of slime is smeared all over this show. We’ll be popping our Big Buck Hunter cherries, a must see. Perhaps, you have seen them before OR you can pop yours with us too. So much popping going on here.

The chilll psych pop waves of Phaze is in the house. It’s a mixed cocktail of dream pop, garage, and psychedelia to keep you twirling into the night.

The demented outsider Rolling Rock kitsch of Gangbang Gordon is always a trick or treat to fill your little bellies.

Ravi Shavi, one of Providence’s finest, will headline and steal your soul with their sizzling, revolution rock. Put your ass to the floor.

And ohh hey, look at this the mighty Big Buck Hunter is going on tour with Sun Young sometime following this show. You better hit em up on their magical journey.

Tour Dates:
11/6 Boston, MASS @ TBA w/ Spooky Dangerfield, Harmoos
11/8 Bard College @ SMOG
11/9 Buffalo, NY @ Bomb Shelter / Hoyt House w/ Mink, Wax Mice (Max Weiss), A Hotel Nourishing
11/10 Pittsburgh, PA @ Romeo Street
11/11 Athens, OH @ Pink MIstress w/ Slut Castle
11/12 Lexington, KY @ The Green Lantern Bar
11/13 Nashville, TN @ Phat Bites Deli
11/14 Macon, GA @ Fresh Produce Records
11/15 Athens, GA @ Go Bar
11/16 Boone, NC @ TBA
11/17 Richmond, VA @ House of M
11/18 Baltimore, MD @ The Sidebar
11/19 Philly @ TBA w/ Alps Held
11/20 Montclair, NJ @ TBA w/ Harpoon Forever, Winnebago, Secret Mountain
11/21 Providence, RI @ THE FUNKY JUNGLE w/ WAY OUT
11/22 Boston, Massive Attack, @ w/ NICE GUYS, ACLU Benefit

Music Video: Ravi Shavi – “Some Devils”

I’m digging this new song from Providence, RI’s Ravi Shavi, a big KLYAM fave. This is a bit slower than their usual material and that’s cool with me. It works. I’m curious what the rest of this new album Courage will sound like.

By the way, these dudes are heading out on tour soon with fellow Providence kings Atlantic Thrills. Check out the tour dates here:

Atlantic Thrills 2014 Tour With Ravi Shavi!

Thrillz Tourr
KLYAM favorites Atlantic Thrills are heading out on touur again; this time with fellow Providence rockers Ravi Shavi. They’re making a stop at the Meltasia Music Festival in Lafayette, GA, playing alongside such greats as Black Lips, Shannon and The Clams, Bloodshot Bill, and hometown dawgs Gymshorts! Catch them before they catch you at the tour dates below:
8/28 Brooklyn, NY Death By Audio w/ Larry & the Babes
8/29 Brooklyn, NY Don Pedro w/ Liquor Store
8/30 Richmond, VA En Su Boca
8/31 Wilmington, NC The Calico Room w/ Brown Widow
9/1 Charleston, SC @ The Tin Roof w/ DUMB Doctors
9/2 Gainesville, FL @ A Space w/ Holographic Teeth
9/3 New Orleans, LA Saturn Bar w/ Trampoline Team + Native America
9/4 Atlanta, GA Star Community Bar w/ Spoilers + Brothers
9/5 Nashville, TN Springwater Supper Club w/ Tennessee Scum
9/6 Lafayette, GA @ Meltasia Music Festival
9/8 Asheville, NC The Odditorium w/ Future West
9/9 Chapel Hill, NC Nightlight Bar & Club w/ Bohica Sheiks
9/10 Washington, DC @ Rough House w/ CRUMMS
9/11 Wilmington, DE Oddity Bar w/ Tone
9/12 Philadelphia, PA @ House Party
9/13 Providence, RI AS220

Review: Atlantic Thrills Album Release Show w/ Ravi Shavi, Gymshorts, Littlefoot @ Dusk (2/1/14)

Bands: Atlantic Thrills, Ravi Shavi, Gymshorts, Littlefoot
Date: Saturday, February 1, 2014
Venue: Dusk (Providence, RI)

“Hey, you’re the titties sucking guy!” Ahh, it’s that warmth I’ve come to know and love in Providence. Everyone seems to be so kind and friendly here. Glen, Paul, and I drove up from Wakefield, MA to come and celebrate an event we’ve been greatly looking forward to for years: Atlantic Thrills debut album release. Not to mention, another visit to Caserta Pizza to devour a full course of their mouthwatering cheese pizza. We don’t venture out to Providence very often, but when we do it’s always a blast and usually consists of  a wild, debauched party featuring the music of Atlantic Thrills and fellow Providence, revolutionary rockers Ravi Shavi. Additionally, two more excellent Providence rock bands fill out the bill with Gymshorts  – a group we’ve been seriously digging as of late and Littlefoot, whom make their KLYAM debut tonight.

Yes sir, Mr. DJ Studs Jerkel, thank you for reminding me of a fond memory from the canon of KLYAM attended punk slime shows. Last time we stepped foot in this city was indeed a wild, debauched, titties sucking hootenanny accompanied by the rampant music of the Thrillz and Ravi on a lovely, lush, and unforgettable Summer night. Summer ends. Work sucks. School sucks. Most vividly, New England weather sucks. I’m freezing my nips off in the cold, so I look to Dusk to seek out that warmth I’ve come to know and love here in Providence.

This is our first time here at Dusk, although I have heard the name pop up  on a number of occasions in local listings and just general conversation over the years. I know it’s one of the hot spots  for local music in Providence and one of the times KLYAM Records’ own Fat Creeps played in Providence they played here. Needless to say, I’m curious. It’s a cool spot with a big bar area and a fair amount of space for the audience to stand and see the bands, and hopefully much more rambunctious activity.

Littlefoot –  The evening begins with Littlefoot and of all the bands they are the most serene and surreal. The music is very mellow and gentle. It places me in a ethereal state of mind. The music warms everyone up for the rest of the bands, which are all more of the heavy, garage variety. That isn’t to say that Littlefoot doesn’t have any rock to them. They are very dream pop  and there’s  elements of early rock ‘n’ roll. They remind me of Dum Dum Girls, Polaroids, and The Smashing Pumpkins at their softest. My favorite tune is set closer “Worry Doll,” which makes me think of headliner Atlantic Thrills’ “Foreign Lands.” It just has that classic 50s, early 60s slow chord progression to it. Makes me want to  lay back on the grass and stare off into the stars.

“Backwards Lullaby”
“Night of the Living Dread”?
“Fever Dream”
“Head in the Clouds”
“Maps and Hands”
“Worry Doll”

Gymshorts – Here’s a band we’ve been getting into a lot recently. I wish they were from Boston, so we could see them on the reg, but you do what you can. We saw them on a sick bill in December with Nice Guys and The TeleVibes at the  Middle East ZuZu. This set is similar to that one and the band is pretty dirty and heavy. It’s the muddier, less attractive version of garage rock. It’s not cheery bubblegum, that’s for sure.

About half way through the set one of the guitarists condemns the crowd of stiffs, “Did you guys all come out here just to stand around.” Well, that set the fireworks off, and the stiffs start to loosen up and slamdance like they oughta. I’m pretty much out of it by this point, if you want to know the truth. In a split second, I’m flung from one side of the room to the next, barely able to stand. And I do the same to other patrons, you know how these things go.

“Hey Mom, Hey Dad” is my favorite from the night. Lead vocalist/guitarist Sarah’s vocals are delivered in ferocious, devilish yalps that bring to mind Kim Gordon, except Gymshorts are much more fun.

Another highlight includes “Bed (Stuy).” It’s hilarious when everyone is moshing and the band is going like 90 mph then SLAMS on the breaks and stops playing for a moment and everyone stops moshing. Then they start playing again and the moshing starts up again, and it’s just start, stop, start, stop. It’s really hilarious. Like they are dictators and we are all robots. I could live under a Gymshorts dictatorship.

Ravi Shavi – The mighty Ravi Shavi, my second favorite Providence band (Thrillz are number one). I haven’t seen these fellas as much as the Thrillz, but I have seen them several times in Providence and I’m more than excited to add another exhilarating Ravi Shavi show to the books.

As the band prepares to launch into their set, I overhear two gentlemen behind me discussing the American Revolution. The roar of inebriation washes over me and I clutch both their hands, proclaiming “let’s start the next revolution tonight!” With that I jump back and forth, bashing into them among other peers, the music kicks off and from then on it’s a non-stop frenzy.

Ravi Shavi is quite different from the first two bands on the bill; not as delicate as Littlefoot, but not as ravenous as Gymshorts. Their brand of soulful, vibrant power pop allows you to dance to them in both conventional and unconventional manners, I prefer the lather. Either way, it’s going to be sweaty.

The best part of Ravi is the build up to the final song “Accidental.” The crowd knows their Ravi Shavi well and all together there is a slow hum – “OHHHHHHHH” it’s like a fucked up, primal, tribal orgasm. At first, I’m like huh? But,  I notice the band reacting to this and I realize it is in fact the beginning of my favorite Ravi Shavi song, so I join in the lunacy. It’s the band’s strongest/highest point, the pinnacle, the best way to close a stellar set. Listen to Ravi Shavi here and better yet go seem them live!

Atlantic Thrills – “This is three years in the making.” Glen says this to me as the foursome are setting up to play. Atlantic Thrills have been kicking it for 3+ years and the first KLYAM attended show was nearly three years ago, so this show and specifically this album has been a long anticipation for us, and one that’s been worth the ride. The songs on the band’s self-titled debut, with a couple of exceptions, have not been available anywhere else. If you wanted to hear “Light Shines” or “Drugs In It” then you had to get off your lazy ass and go out and see the band in the flesh. This is what separates them from most other contemporary groups and definitely makes the release of this album that much more substantial. Speaking of which, tonight the band plays the new record in its entirety.

Before we even hear the first few chords of “Problems,” drunken pandemonium shifts into first gear. Silly string and beer cans fly across the room as a hurricane of eager bodies and a poor, stuffed unicorn mascot swing to and fro. Eric, Dan (wearing a mighty fine sombrero may I add), Kelly, and Josh do what they do best, blasting through a set filled with hit after hit. Glen and I hop on and off the little stage from time to time to sing along to the various garage fueled, doo wop drenched anthems we know by heart. Whether it’s the “ohhhhhhhh oh oh oh ohhhhhhh” in “Boozin’ All Night” or the ” Lie lie lie lie lie lie won’t you lie lie to me” in “Lie to Me,” we never miss a beat.

This set also marks the debut performance of “Blind Lead the Blind,” a politically tinged sermon of sorts. Still, most of my joy stems from hearing and singing along, and hysterically dancing my white ass off to all the classics. I am certainly not alone in this fanaticism, as I look around and see naked fans, crowd surfing, and a demolished brontosaurus unicorn.

I haven’t mentioned this yet, but originally this show was set to be an underground party, but some pesky porkers stepped in and nearly ruined everything for everyone. Fortunately, the party was moved to Dusk. Initially, I was still pumped for the show, but thinking damn, that underground party would have been really sick. Honestly, by the end of this show I could care less. This is not only the best/most chaotic Atlantic Thrills show I have seen, but one of the gnarliest shows EVER!  At least as far as we’re concerned.

I walk outside the Dusk to a cool breeze, still just wearing my Fat Creeps shirt, almost forgetting my jacket and the fact that it is probably 20/30 degrees or less outside. With my clothes soaked in beer, my body jostled and mangled up, I  stare at my newly purchased Atlantic Thrills record (yeah, get that shit from Almost Ready Records!) looking down at each song and thinking about how rare a show like this comes through, and how awesome it is to hear all of these nuggets in one setting. I can’t wait to listen to this animal when I get home. Of course, if I can I still stand up straight.

So, you made it through this long winded and, if I say so myself, amusing review. Good for you. Thanks. More importantly, do in fact check out all the bands up to and including Atlantic Thrills. If you are a Boston peep go see them Saturday, February 15th @ Tasty Burger (Cambridge).
And for the rest of you, the Thrillz are heading out on a 33 day tour in support of their debut album. GO!:

My Top Ten Shows of Twenty-Thirteen

So, here we are again. 2013 feels like a blur, a fun blur though. It just seemed to truck on by so damn fast. It didn’t feel like it was all that long ago when I was making my year end lists for 2012. I must say, every year gets better around here and 2013 was definitely our best year. We met tons of people and went to more shows than ever before (significantly more). With that in mind, I will leap off into my top ten favorite shows from the greatest year KLYAM has experienced thus far…

Storm or Howl
Storm or Howl

10) TIE!: Boston Underground Summit VI @ Cambridge Elks Lodge (9/15/) & The Beets @ The Whitehaus (11/26) – I would start a top ten list with a tie. I simply could not leave out either of these shows from my top ten, so fuck it here’s both. Firstly, this was my first Boston Underground Summit and it was a totally unique live experience for me. The show was set up as a round robin in which a band would play one song and then as soon as they were done another band would play a song and so forth until about 9 different bands had played a song, and then it went back to the first band. My head’s getting dizzy just writing this – it was indeed a dizzying experiment; constantly walking back and forth between all 3 spots in the Elks Lodge (where 3 separate bands were each set up). I compare it to an aggressive wine tasting meets a live, physical playlist/mix. In any situation, it was refreshing and broke down any hint of monotony that may have been creeping in on my fairly consistent show going consumption. My favorite bands/performances included Storm or Howl, Funeral Cone (this one left me bleeding!), Dylan Ewen, and R. Nordac’s Crying Lessons.

Holy shit, the mighty Beets. It took us two hours to get to the holy Whitehaus, but we made it just in the nick of time to catch Los Beets who came all the way from Jackson Heights, Queens, New York!! As you may or may not know, The Beets are one of our beloved KLYAM bands and this year we caught them in the flesh twice within two weeks! This was a strange show for several reasons. We were running late and I feared that we would miss The Beets, having journeyed so long for nuffin. When we arrived at the Whitehaus (for our very first time, by the way) there were few if any hellos and it was near darkness – plus we’re half blind anyway. Seconds pass and those smooth, transcendent Uruguayan voices rang through my ears and down into the depths of my bloody soul. All the blood I have puked since I found out I have gas in my veins. When the set finished, we had to flee once again to catch that dirty old train. It all happened so quickly, like a drug, The Beets drug. I know y’all would like a piece of that! REVIEW

Nice Sinclair
Nice Guys

9) FIDLAR, The Orwells, Nice Guys @ The Sinclair (10/23) – This was a nice slammer.  It’s always fun to see a local favorite (Nice Guys) dazzle an audience of newcomers and it’s all the more exceptional when they are sixteen and rambunctious! The Orwells make my liver shiver and quiver OR that’s all the alcohol? Anyway, we’ve loved these dudes for years and they put on an excellent show. They have this real clean cut exterior to them kind of like The Strokes and Arctic Monkeys, real polished rock ‘n’ roll, but beneath there’s a slimy underbelly that represents some of the bands (Black Lips, Jay Reatard) we grew up and threw up on ourselves. And FIDLAR, I’m just happy you and your fans didn’t break my nose. REVIEW

Clams Great
Shannon and the Clams

8) Shannon and The Clams, The Fagettes, Atlantic Thrills @ Great Scott (11/20) – This list is a testament that we’ve been blessed with a plethora of excellent shows this year, but I can honestly say only a select few are what I would dub a “stacked line-up” and this here is one of them. Our two favorite New England based rock ‘n’ roll bands (The Fagettes and Atlantic Thrills) on the same stage as one of the best in the whole land, the fabulous Shannon and The Clams. I saw the Clams earlier this year and, while that was a great performance, this time around the crowd went a lot crazier and that always makes the difference. The band’s cover of Del Shannon’s “Runaway” alone made my night :). REVIEW

7) Guerilla Toss, Fat Creeps, Nice Guys, Designer Halloween Show @ Cambridge Elks Lodge (10/19) – Halloween is usually a good excuse for everyone to let loose, get wasted, and eat a shit ton of candy. Oh yeah, and to dress up like their favorite bands and play a set full of bizarre covers. That’s my favorite part. G Toss took to the role of one Meatloaf, Designer dropped down to their skivvies and cranked out a noisy set of Blink – 182 numbers, and Fat Creeps destroyed as the legendary Cramps. My favorite performance by far was the Nice Guys as The Mummies. Being somewhat of a garage junkie, I’d kill to see The Mummies and I felt like this came inches away from the real thang. Alex Mum demolishing his keyboards was priceless. Poor keyboards, they never had a chance. REVIEW


6) Wavves, King Tuff, Jacuzzi Boys @ The Sinclair (10/1) – Wavves is one of those bands I’ve cherished over the years. One of the few bigger bands I still enjoy. I wasn’t overly enthusiastic with their latest record, Afraid of Heights, but it has grown on me. Studio work aside, this band still kills me live. It’s as if these songs were made to be heard exclusively live. From Wavves’ inception, there’s been a great anthemic feel to their music and this show at Sinclair is enough evidence for me that they can still kick out the jams like the best of them. It was also a pleasure to finally see King Tuff and Jacuzzi Boys, bands we’ve been aching to see for a few years now. And on a personal note, I was happy to chat with Wavves’ members Stephen Pope and Alex Gates about their past (and future) in the magnificent Memphis bands The Barbaras, Girls of the Gravitron, and Cretin Stompers. REVIEW

Ty Bowery
A photo of three sexy men

5) Ty Segall @ The Bowery Ballroom (8/30) – What up New York City? We voyage to NYC once or twice a year to see some of our favorite bands. This time it was the man, Ty Segall, the global ambassador for rock ‘n’ roll. If rock ‘n’ roll had a representative at the UN it would be this man. For this show/tour Ty and his bodacious band played an all acoustic set, performing the album Sleeper in its entirety as well as some old classics such as “Girlfriend.” I’ve never seen kids (including myself) mosh and stage dive to acoustic music before and I may never again. Only you Ty, only you. REVIEW

Hunx and His Punx

4) Hunx and His Punx, Hunters, The Fagettes @ Brighton Music Hall (8/23) – Let’s face it we’re fairly predictable around here –  but that’s NOT a bad thing! because we are consistently enthralled with gorgeous music, at least I think so. It’s true! Hunx is a long time KLYAM favorite and a must see live band (seriously do it!). Just writing about Hunx gets me all revved up and ready to go. This year the band morphed into ultra punx with the release of their epic, early hardcore punk ode Street Punk, and they brought all the piss and vinegar with them when they destroyed our fair city last August.  The set’s most memorable moment actually came from a couple of kinky crowd members, when a young man was accosted by a topless middle aged woman and the two proceeded to slobber over one another for the remainder of the show. I will never be able to listen to “Lover’s Lane” the same way ever again. “Just gotta touch you and squeeze you, and make you mine/I want to hold you til the end of time.” Yeesh, did they have to take it so literally?! Stellar set from Fagettes as always. Hunters were cool too. REVIEW

atlantic thrills bbq

3) Ravi Shavi, The New Highway Hymnal, Atlantic Thrills “Rock ‘n’ Roll BBQ With Psychedelic Sauce” – We saw quite a bit of shows in Providence, RI this year and every single time we came to see our chief punk slime animals in Atlantic Thrills. Mix them up with fellow Providence soul machines Ravi Shavi and our Boston psych creatures The New Highawy Hymnal and I’m one happy camper. All of this madness was set to the background of the TRIPPY Lysergic Factory Light Show! I don’t think I’ve ever “danced” more in my life,  charming some attendees, perhaps frightening most. Those were fucked times, fun times. I woke up the next morning covered in dirt and blood and my dick hurt a little bit (only a little bit).  In hindsight, it was the perfect summer night. REVIEW

2) The New Highway Hymnal, Atlantic Thrills, Polaroids, The Real Tom Hanks @ Wilder Zangcraft (2/23) – Once again, The New Highway Hymnal and Atlantic Thrills throwing straight up wild shows! This show took place at one of my favorite DIY spaces, a tiny basement in Lowell that was overwhelmingly consumed by 50 or more plastered college kids all accompanied by the perpetual, visual mindfuck that is the Lysergic Factory Light Show. NHH demolished my skin and bones as can be expected at Lowell basements shows. But, on this night my sweet, sozzled eyes have never seen such a fantastic, frenetic show from Providence’s finest, Atlantic Thrills. It was great to sing/scream along to all the songs, slam back pbr after pbr, and smash into my peers for a couple hours. In my primitive state of mind, I think I screamed “Lies” and “Demolicion” at the band about two hundred times. Lunacy at its most depraved. The Real Tom Hanks and Polaroids were both exciting and ethereal in their own rights. A memorable night in my life to say the very least. REVIEW

1) Hassle Fest 5 @ Cambridge Elks Lodge (11/7-11/8) – How could this not be number 1? This was/is the pinnacle of local underground music. A two day festival showcasing some of the best, most groundbreaking, and above all invigorating bands both at home and across the nation. So, as I’ve said before, it’s pretty much a microcosm for everything the Boston Hassle promotes all year long. Every single day. And we couldn’t salute y’all enough. I’ve found that several local music fans (some of which played the festival themselves) walked away with similar feelings as my own. I know we KLYAMERS have never seen anything else like it, just a constant barrage of band after band after band. It felt intimate and gigantic all at once. Unforgettable. My favorite sets included Fat Creeps, Guerilla Toss, Lightning Bolt, The Beets, and Kal Marks. REVIEW

So, that’s that. Top albums of the year coming up next.

Review: Ravi Shavi, The New Highway Hymnal, Atlantic Thrills in Providence (7/13/13)

Bands: Ravi Shavi, The New Highway Hymnal, Atlantic Thrills
Date: Saturday, July 13, 2013
Venue: BBQ in Providence, RI

Damn, it’s great to be back in Providence! Every time we come here it’s a blast, usually because we are seeing two of the best current rock ‘n’ roll bands: Atlantic Thrills and Ravi Shavi. Throw in Boston’s The New Highway Hymnal, burgers, and beer, and you got yourself one of the finest KLYAM attended shows all year.

Our journey begins with the masters themselves, Atlantic Thrills. Last night, we saw the Thrillz and The New Highway Hymnal at O’Brien’s Pub in Allston, coming off of that epic evening, I’m more than ready to dive into yet another sweaty rock ‘n’ roll show. Ohh and of course, it wouldn’t be a real psychedelic rock ‘n’ roll experience without the acid trippy imagery of The Lysergic Factory Lightshow, which consists of a constant barrage of bright colors being projected behind every band as they perform.

The fantastic foursome bash out several of their classic tunes – ” A Day At the Beach” (featuring the awe inspiring lead vocals of Dan Tanner, yeah buy that shit from Almost Ready Records on August  13, why don’t ya?!), “Light Shines,” “Shotgun,” “Drugs In It,” and my favorite “Lies.”  “Lies” always gets me screaming my lungs out! They also introduce a new, untitled song; my memory is a bit fuzzy, but I’ll have to keep my ears open for this one in the future.

Bikinis and big booties and Atlantic Thrills on a hot Summer night y’all, that’s what life is all about! Catch Providence’s finest on tour right now! Check out the tour dates here:

Set – List:
“Almost Anything”
“A Day At The Beach”
“Drugs In It”
“New Song”
“Light Shines”
“So Long”

The hoppin’ and boppin’ and boozin’ and loozin’ continues with one of Boston’s  most promising bands, The New Highway Hymnal.  I’ve seen many a New Highway set, but I’ve never seen them outside, tis a slightly different experience. In fact, this is my second time seeing a show outdoors period. I’m digging the change of setting, it switches things up a bit, for sure.

Song wise tonight’s set isn’t too different from most New Highway performances and that’s fine for me. For months now, I’ve been listening to the band’s amazing  LP Whispers, which features most, if not all of the songs they perform live tonight, so it’s always a thrill to hear the way these tunes translate on stage (or in a backyard). In particular, I’ve always appreciated hearing the LP’s closer “Hey Kid (Gotta Run),” which is a fiery mess of guitar feedback, maniacal drums, and stab to death shrieks.

If you like The Doors, 13th Floor Elevators, or psychedelic pop music in general, then I would be shocked if you didn’t dig these guys. Check them out here:

Following some miller lite and some truly punk slime drippin’, titty sucking back seat boogie, we soldiered on into the depths of the great Ravi Shavi. Ravi Shavi gets the kids dancing and moshing and a little bit of stumbling. I can’t help but dance my white dancin’fool ass off. Ravi Shavi simply bust out the hooks in their shirtless, soulful power pop. It’s a little bit of James Brown, a teensy bit King Khan, toss in an ounce of The Clash,  and slam it into a blender. You may get a disgusting meal or you can have Ravi Shavi. I choose Ravi Shavi.

Ravi Shavi has many terrific songs, but my favorite has to be “Accidental Mental.”  If this catchy number doesn’t make you burst into a series of erratic dance moves that would make Michael Jackson spin in his grave than do yourself a favor, hop in the Lexus and ride off the nearest cliff, because you suck so much. Ravi Shavi rules, definitely one of their best/most fun shows.

P.S. towards the end of the set, Atlantic Thrills join Ravi Shavi and unleash some nasty songs. Is this is a side project we should be expecting in the future? I hope so, either somebody slipped something in my drink or I am seeing Dan Tanner on drums. I’ll just have to find out next time. More importantly, go see Ravi Shavi live!


Ravi Shavi On Tour (July 18 – July 27)!

Ravi Tour
Providence, RI’s Ravi Shavi is a power pop/garage rock ‘n’ roll machine and they are hitting the road right now on their first tour ever! Check out the dates above. From what I hear last night’s show was a blast at  O’Brien’s Pub and I’m sure tonight’s show at The Fire in Philadelphia will be even crazier. Go!


Review: Ravi Shavi – “Ravi Shavi”

Band: Ravi Shavi
Release: 2013

1. Indecisions
2. Bloody Opus
3. Hobbies
4. Accidental
5. Local News
6. Amphetamine
7. Old Man
8. Problems
9. Critters
10. Vacation Holiday

Comments: The first time I saw Ravi Shavi (Firehouse 13, November 10, 2012) , I was blown away by the Providence band’s energy and pop sensibility. It wasn’t really ‘garage,’ not quite ‘punk’ or traditional ‘power-pop’; just poppy rock ‘n roll. Well after seeing them a couple of times more, I was thoroughly convinced of their talent. Rafay Rashid, the group’s main vocalist and guitarist, is like a King Khan kind of figure, very infectious and engaging. His vocal assault varies as much as Ravi Shavi’s rock ‘n roll stylings. Some times like on “Bloody Opus” and “Hobbies,” there is some Brit in him…at least it seems. “Hobbies” particularly shimmers with some oldies charm until transitioning into an unexpected Lovely Feathers sorta charge. That’s one of my favorite specific moments of the album definitely, but there’s that kind of fun running all throughout. When there’s the familiar repetition of verses and choruses as on “Accidental,” the listen never ends up tiring or monotonous even as there are more sticky transitions and repetitions. Getting back to vocals again – “Local News” is a tidy example of a long list of dynamics. After the what you’d expect from a song called AMPHETAMINE, the crash sets in and no no I don’t mean a bad crash or anything. Just a slower, Hamilton Leithauser just stole your mic and Matt Barrick conveniently got behind the kit, deal. That sorta early ’00s NYC reverby guitars and (all time period) hollering continues on through “Problems,” and “Critters” has some instrumentation/technique not previously as apparent…until now. Closing tune “Vacation Holiday” is pure pop dynamite. This one takes its time and sends me off reminiscing of everything Ravi Shavi did right in the making of this record. Good work.