Henry Rollins on Morrissey

Hahahaha! Poor Morrissey! I am fan of both Rollins and Morrissey, but I just found this too hilarious not to post.

“The reason I picked Morrissey, because, in my opinion, Morrissey just embodies every horrible trait that a human being could possibly possess.”

Henry Rollins On Nick Cave Concerts

Hahahahaha, I love the impressions! and I love how Henry Rollins is the most esoteric comedian, if you want to call this stand up comedy, which I think it is. I need to see Rollins, Nick Cave, and Jello Biafra live in one fashion or another before I die.

Music Video of the Day: Black Flag- TV Party

This is a new segment I just dreamed up literally three minutes ago. As if we don’t have enough “….. of the day” posts, well too bad! here’s another. Whenever I or another KLYAMer feels like it we will post a music video of the day. It should be notable in some way and not just a live performance, an actual music video. Today is Black Flag’s hilarious classic, “TV Party.” Enjoy.