Greatest Time Filler Ever!/ # 1 Reason Why I Love KLYAM

I usually can’t stand when TV shows throw in silly, random stuff (with the exception of the first few seasons of “Family Guy”), but this is so classic, I have to forgive the writers, whom admitted, as it is obvious to anyone that has seen this episode (“Cape Feare”- Season 5) that this gag was purely intended to fill up the show’s time requirements. What’s great here is that at first it’s funny, basic slapstick humor: he’s already a bumbling, hapless criminal, and nothing ever goes right for him to begin with, then he steps on the rake, rake smacks him in the face, then he makes that funny, frusturated voice. We laugh. He does it again. We laugh some more. One more time, still funny. We laugh again. Then it’s overdone, we get the point, not so funny. But, it still continues, he keeps stepping on the rakes and they keep slapping him in the face, grunting ensues. The greatness here lies in the fact that they extend the joke so far beyond any rational amount of time necessary for such a silly jab. So, by the end it becomes funny again. Laughing at others misfortunes is always fun.

So, what does this have to do with my love for KLYAM? Well, sir glad you asked. It doesn’t. It bears no relevance whatsoever to anything improrant on this day. I just found this funny and posted it. Simple as that. That is exactly what is fantastic about KLYAM and independent web sites in general. Which, by the way, I know we use the blog format and in the simplest terms, in the most convenient definitions;) we are such, BUT! if you KLYAM readers out there are telling your fellow chums about this cool blog you checked out thee other day, please insert web site where blog is because we feel that the word blog has negative connotations of which we agree and want no association or connection with. We DO NOT shit on bands, build them up and then tear them down or abandon them or try to follow this or that hype, buzz, whatever… and we certainly DO NOT encourage gossip. Though, I have to say that having this “blog” format has its benefits. We serve as our own bosses and post whatever we feel like and this post is a clear example of that.

Thank you.

2 thoughts on “Greatest Time Filler Ever!/ # 1 Reason Why I Love KLYAM”

  1. The episode is called “Cape Feare” because the Simpsons don’t like copying well-known titles to the letter. Cape Feare, Terror Lake, New Horrorfield, Screamville…Ice Cream Ville… No, Screamville, Aaah! That sequence is not filler. It’s essential. Surely there is no harm in lying down in a public street. I objet to urine-soaked hellhole when you could have said pipi-soaked heckhole. No one who speaks German can be an evil man.

  2. Haha yeah it is a classic and I think it is all hilarious and brilliant, but the writers themselves said the episode was really silly and they added a lot of jokes just to fill the time. And you know what I literally typed Feare firs then I removed it because I wasn’t sure.

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