Is It Sexist to Hold Doors Open For Women?

It seems like we rarely enter the world of politics anymore on KLYAM and to be honest this really isn’t Politics, but I was running through some youtube videos and I came across this and found it interesting enough to post it. By the way, I’m perfectly fine with not venturing too far into the social, political landscape because this is chiefly a music site and I want to keep it that way. At the same time, the other KLYAMers and I love to mix it up when we feel its right. So, is it sexist to open doors for women? I think it depends on the circumstances and either way it’s not that big of a deal, but an interesting thing to ponder, I suppose. Maybe not, I don’t know I’m just that kinda guy I guess. I agree with both these ladies, but I don’t consider myself a feminist, rather a person with some feminist sensibilities to a certain extent compared to most men and women around me, whome I find overwhelmingly sexist and the American society as a whole, but simultaneously I don’t get offended easily and I recognize the complaints people make about feminists; there is truth to their grievances, which I find to be accurate in most instances when it comes to sane, reasonable people. And just for the lols here’s a hilarious sexist clip from the old days of Hollywood.

“I figured that being my wife would take up all of your time.”

One thought on “Is It Sexist to Hold Doors Open For Women?”

  1. That’s from The Indestructible Man. The man in that clip is a policeman. This doesn’t make the police look too good. The police shouldn’t be getting people sacked from their jobs, after all.

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