One thought on “Henry Rollins on Morrissey”

  1. Henry Rollins lacks the same understanding I have in a newer generation that keeps indie music alive. Respectively, I much prefer the days of records over this download crap.
    He has tattoo envy, because hipsters have better tats and the scene has become more sophisticated.
    He hates Morrissey because his American ‘wit’ is unable to find a comparable articulation in prose.
    I respect Mr. Rollins immensely. However, his attack on the Moz is unfounded.
    Granted ‘November spawned…’ has not dated well, let us review Henry’s video for “Liar”. What the eff is that? Granted Moz is uncomfortably wiggling around rocks like your dad coming out of the closet on a full dose of mescaline. Versus this is your dad on a long night in Vegas crawling on a karaoke bar telling people they lie.
    Getting older sucks, but don’t hate the kids. Or Morrissey. Instead, try to understand the youth much as you yearned for in your poor days of when?
    Anyways, I think that I listen to shallow shit now. The likes of lady gaga and Foster the People just because I think I am tired of this hipper than thow crap.
    In the great quote of the impeccable Imperial Teens “why you gotta be so mad, I’m the one with lipstick on.” Who frickin cares.
    You like what you like.
    Unless you are Jello running for mayor, just enjoy your music and tell everyone else to fuck off and no apologies.
    I think I will Pandora Britney Spears at work tomorrow and see who beats me up first.

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