Two Years Ago Today…

Two years ago today Barack Obama was inaugurated as the 44th president of the United States. So, now we are at the halfway point in his prseidential term and having always been a critic of the man, I am long past the point of “I told you so.” Looking back, Election ’08 was the first election where I had a real political consciousness and watching another tyrant slither his way into the White House was pure torment. Admittedly, the election and Obama got everyone energized (including me), but conversely I was not moved by the man’s ubiquitous, but meaningless mantras of “hope” and “change.” Instead I was motivated to combat ignorance, empire building, militarism, and corporate domination- all characteristics of Obama and every other president’s political career. It seems like a few years ago in the Bush era people were semi-united in their repudiation of Bush and everything his administration represented, the public was overwhelmingly against a war they previously had favored, and overall the anti-war movement was much stronger. Then along came Obama and he fucked everything up. People felt Obama was their man and they could relax because every little thing was going to be alright. But, they never stopped to observe his actual policies. During the whole campaign and afterwards I told people that Obama would not provide change unless he was pushed to from the people, but more often than not he would maintain existing conditions and work for the few. This was no secret and in a way you can’t blame him for following through with the polices he campaigned on. He campaigned on hawkish, pro War on Terror (Afghnistan) amongst other high military expenditures and vague time tables for Iraq. It’s weird how when Bush was in office people were far more against the war and then when Obama comes in this anger seems to have dissipated, at least to me. Anti-War activist Cindy Sheehan has noted this decrease as well. My only explanations are Obama’s reign and also the state of the economy. Everyone is focused on their wallets and understanably so. Now, we are halfway through an Obama term in office and the public’s excessive fandom has subsided; it will be interesting to see where the second half of his run will take us and what creatures they have in store for us for the next election- it’s not too far away.

The Nightwatchman- “Battle Hymns”

As with every Vets and Memorial Day(s) I post The Nightwatchman’s “Battle Hymns” in honor of our brave men and women that serve in the military and sacrifice their lives for us. Yes, for us. Maybe not in the political sense, but through an emotional sense; I do not question the pure motivations of these Americans. So, yes I support the troops meaning I respect them for their bravery and committment, but that goes with saying that I am against the military personel that mastermind war and thrust our young brothers and sisters into harm’s way. Personally, I feel these two notions are inseparable. But, enough about me, the song here is The Nightwatchman (Tom Morello)- “Battle Hymns” and it is dedicated to anyone that is been on the battlefield, regardless of ideologies, nations, or any other affliations. In short, this one is for our badass Vets, hope the best for all of you and let’s all END THIS FUCKING WAR!

Chomsky on “Support Our Troops”

I post this not as any personal offense to anyone that would take it offensive, but merely as a catalyst for dialogue. What do people think of this slogan I see so often and clearly visible on today’s holiday. What do you think of Chomsky’s spiel? My thoughts are if you do not outright state that by supporting the troops that you mean bringing them home immediately (not next year, not next month, now) and that the military they are systematically coerced into is an evil killing machine, then you are defending said machine. The slogan itself is hollow, but I do not deny the genuine and loving motivations by the everyday people that shout it, not the faux PR people that manufacture it. That’s what I think. What about you?

Quote of the Day- Howard Zinn

“How can you have a war on terrorism when war itself is terrorism?”- Howard Zinn.

RIP Howard I hope all is well in another world. Out of the vast sea of astute and indisputiably appropriate Howard Zinn quotes, I chose this one as it raises the primary question regarding the so called, “War On Terrorism,” how can you end violence when your largest vehicle of combat is violence on the grandest of scales?- sadly, a question few pose on both pro and anti war sides.

Kucinich On Afghanistan

This is a bit old, but I’m using it for Poli Sci debate, so I figured I’d post it here for the hell of it. I like Dennis Kucinich a lot and really admire him for his integrity, but I always hate the way him and others like Ron Paul treat these conflicts as “issues” when they discuss them. Don’t get me wrong, they are extremely rare for their comparitively radical views as Congressmen, but comments such as “I like Obama…” blows my mind. HE’S A WAR CRIMINAL, MASS MURDERER! Perhaps they can’t speak out in that manner because they are public officals. I mean they have the right ideas with the knowledge and evidence to back up their platforms, but it’s as if they treat the president’s policies as poor political moves rather than crimes against humanity. Then again, Kucinich valiantly proposed impeachement of Bush as a War Criminal, so kudos to him. I also dig O’Reilly’s line about Obama being closer to Bill on the War, which is absolutely true. Oboma cheerleaders should take note. If you’re Antiwar and support Obama, then that’s fine for you, but it ain’t my cup of tea. I think y’all better choose a side soon.


MLK On War

Word. Happy MLK Day! And fuck you to the schools, workplaces, and other institutions that are open or hold regular hours on this day. You racist motherfuckers! :)


Germany Defends Killing Of Afghan Civilians (or, Sometimes Humorous Comments Just Write Themselves)


BERLIN — The German chancellor, Angela Merkel, pushed back Tuesday against international criticism over an airstrike ordered by German troops that claimed the lives of scores of people in northern Afghanistan, even as NATO announced that it appeared civilians had been among those killed in the bombing.

Well hey, we have a war to fight, and unfortunately civilians will sometimes be victims. So this is totally justifiable, right?

I mean, it’s not like the chancellor of Germany has no problem killing innocent people, right?


Film Review: Inglourious Basterds!!!

: Inglourious Basterds
Director: Quentin Tarantino
Writer: Quentin Tarantino
Starring: Brad Pitt, Melanie Laurent, Christoph Waltz, Michael Fassbender, Eli Roth, Diane Kruger, Daniel Bruhl, Til Schweiger, and Mike Myers
Length: 153 Minutes
Rating: R
Year: 2009
IMDb Rating: 8.7/10 (#35 in the Top 250, very impressive)
My Rating: A

Here’s why
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