The Nightwatchman- “Battle Hymns”

As with every Vets and Memorial Day(s) I post The Nightwatchman’s “Battle Hymns” in honor of our brave men and women that serve in the military and sacrifice their lives for us. Yes, for us. Maybe not in the political sense, but through an emotional sense; I do not question the pure motivations of these Americans. So, yes I support the troops meaning I respect them for their bravery and committment, but that goes with saying that I am against the military personel that mastermind war and thrust our young brothers and sisters into harm’s way. Personally, I feel these two notions are inseparable. But, enough about me, the song here is The Nightwatchman (Tom Morello)- “Battle Hymns” and it is dedicated to anyone that is been on the battlefield, regardless of ideologies, nations, or any other affliations. In short, this one is for our badass Vets, hope the best for all of you and let’s all END THIS FUCKING WAR!

Chomsky on “Support Our Troops”

I post this not as any personal offense to anyone that would take it offensive, but merely as a catalyst for dialogue. What do people think of this slogan I see so often and clearly visible on today’s holiday. What do you think of Chomsky’s spiel? My thoughts are if you do not outright state that by supporting the troops that you mean bringing them home immediately (not next year, not next month, now) and that the military they are systematically coerced into is an evil killing machine, then you are defending said machine. The slogan itself is hollow, but I do not deny the genuine and loving motivations by the everyday people that shout it, not the faux PR people that manufacture it. That’s what I think. What about you?