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Jay Reatard Forever…

Not too focus solely on his death, because he led an incredible life, but here are two videos I just discovered on Jay’s passing. The first being Anthony Fantano of the Needle Drop and the second being Fox News, which I didn’t know his death ever reached the big news stories as it should have, albeit Memphis Fox News.



Kucinich On Afghanistan

This is a bit old, but I’m using it for Poli Sci debate, so I figured I’d post it here for the hell of it. I like Dennis Kucinich a lot and really admire him for his integrity, but I always hate the way him and others like Ron Paul treat these conflicts as “issues” when they discuss them. Don’t get me wrong, they are extremely rare for their comparitively radical views as Congressmen, but comments such as “I like Obama…” blows my mind. HE’S A WAR CRIMINAL, MASS MURDERER! Perhaps they can’t speak out in that manner because they are public officals. I mean they have the right ideas with the knowledge and evidence to back up their platforms, but it’s as if they treat the president’s policies as poor political moves rather than crimes against humanity. Then again, Kucinich valiantly proposed impeachement of Bush as a War Criminal, so kudos to him. I also dig O’Reilly’s line about Obama being closer to Bill on the War, which is absolutely true. Oboma cheerleaders should take note. If you’re Antiwar and support Obama, then that’s fine for you, but it ain’t my cup of tea. I think y’all better choose a side soon.


The “Real” Che

Damn, those models are fine; I’ve always dug Che Tits! Anyway, this is totally biased, which comes as no surprise, worse than the bias of the Che cheerleaders. Of course, I think the caricature of Che is a farce, but as Jay Z put it he’s “complex,” haha, far more complex than this bullshit would leave you to believe. Some things they say are true and naturally they’re horrible. But, they don’t apply the same standards to the U.S. and other figures, which are far, far worse, even if justified. I feel awful for those women, but you don’t think Nazis’ had family? or any other terrorist. That’s what war is, it’s violence on a grand scale. I also feel bad that their loss is being exploited for ratings and pathetic agendas. To compare Che to Bin Laden and the reasons why he, Fidel, and the other Cubans were fighting to America’s reasons for fighting a war is not only childish, but shows the sheer lack of concern for honest observations of foreign policy. In terms of people starving in Cuba, well that would be greatly decreased if the U.S. didn’t place sanctions on them. We easily could aid them, but Castro doesn’t want to be our little puppet bitch like other dictators, so no food for you Cuba. Lastly, the whole racist deal, ( I love how Faux News is saying this of all networks!) Beck is clearly utilizing this to appeal to people’s feelings about race and what have you. Divide and conquer! I have never seen that quote about black folks. I’m not saying it’s not true, but I’m not denying it could be either. I know for a fact that Che sympathized for blacks in the U.S. and he also met with Malcom X when he came over here; both shared great admiration for one another. So, basically follow the woman’s advice, do your own research.