It’s just as bad as capitalism. The isms tend to suck. Capitalism sucks for the people who don’t have a great opportunity or don’t want to further advance themselves into the “owning class.” Yeah, that’s not an easy feat, but some people are content at doing the bare minimum to make things work. Socialism sucks for people who actually want to be able to do whatever they want. Should everyone be equal? Probably not. There has to be some level of commitment in people to do something. Setting people equal is just a form of manipulation, especially since I imagine not a lot of people want that. I know inequalities create conflict, but what can you do? The whole worker management system is a generally good idea, but wouldn’t work in every scenario. In some industries there has to be some level of hierarchy — provided that this hierarchy is agreed upon by basically every stakeholder. And finally, I have understood socialism and communism! Yes, I have! Well kind of. A whole lot of socialists and communists are atheists so they are like yo, yo, I want THIS life to be awesome because we are just going to rot afterward. The capitalists are like yo, yo, suffer and believe and you shall be granted a great afterlife. Both are pretty crooked outlooks, in my opinion. I’m a pretty religious guy, but I want the poor and the near-poor to get their share. They can just lounge around. I’m not making excuses in support of the owning class, but let’s get real here. If you come from no money, it’s going to suck, but at least make some kind of attempt to rebel or just work your ass off. K bye.


If you REALLY WANTED TO you could become a NOBUNNY junkee easily. The dude’s fucking asking for it. In fact, I allege that I AM NOBUNNY HIMSELF on a few of my recent YouTube videos. SO WATCH THOSE! Wee-Woohhhhhhhhhhhh! GRIP YOU BY YOUR FUCKING HIPS!


Black Lips Funny

What do you do when your sixteen and in deep shit? You’re looking out at the world from the strip-mall and the detention hall, from the basement and the cul-de-sac and it just looks like there is a wall around you. Everybody tells you and your friends that you’re going nowhere, that your lives are already ruined. What the fuck do you do?

You hang around and smash stuff and get high and try to be a bad-ass, that’s what you do. You steal and drink and smash up the car your mom gave you and pull your pee-pee out in public. You work at sandwich shops and fast-food joints and try to screw private school girls because they think your tough and the girls at your school think your gay because you pretended to give your friend a blowjob at the junior prom. You fuck it all up as ugly and as dirty as you can because, why the fuck not?

Your parents and teachers and sandwich-shop supervisors look at you and think, “What happened to the kid? He has all the advantages in the world and he has chucked it all in the shitter. Doesn’t he believe in the inherent goodness of our enlightened society? Doesn’t he believe in any thing at all?”

Marketing = Anti-Market

Marketing is anti- free market. I’ve been thinking about this a lot recently and I’ve found only one other guy that has willed to write about this subject online. Here is a portion of his rant:

“A capitalist system consists of a producer and an INFORMED consumer. As I said before, advertisements are increasingly informing less and marketing image more. This allows companies to maintain a monopoly of image contrary to the blindness of market forces. What do I suggest to remedy the situation? Do as they do for drug advertisements in Australia, set up a governemnt advisary board to regulate advertisements to limit them to purely or at least primarily substance based. This would not only create a more informed consumer, but it would get rid of all those bullshit, “buy this kitty litter cause it’ll get you laid” commercials. And that’s good for everyone.” LINK

What’s happening is consumer rights are being violated due to the forces of marketing and its presence in public spaces. I don’t mind advertisements on private property (example: storefront signs advertising low prices), but things like billboards and commercials are invasive and create artificial demand, just like the Federal Reserve creates artificially low interest rates. Both are anti-free market. Anti-saving. Pro-consumption. Pro-spending.