It’s just as bad as capitalism. The isms tend to suck. Capitalism sucks for the people who don’t have a great opportunity or don’t want to further advance themselves into the “owning class.” Yeah, that’s not an easy feat, but some people are content at doing the bare minimum to make things work. Socialism sucks for people who actually want to be able to do whatever they want. Should everyone be equal? Probably not. There has to be some level of commitment in people to do something. Setting people equal is just a form of manipulation, especially since I imagine not a lot of people want that. I know inequalities create conflict, but what can you do? The whole worker management system is a generally good idea, but wouldn’t work in every scenario. In some industries there has to be some level of hierarchy — provided that this hierarchy is agreed upon by basically every stakeholder. And finally, I have understood socialism and communism! Yes, I have! Well kind of. A whole lot of socialists and communists are atheists so they are like yo, yo, I want THIS life to be awesome because we are just going to rot afterward. The capitalists are like yo, yo, suffer and believe and you shall be granted a great afterlife. Both are pretty crooked outlooks, in my opinion. I’m a pretty religious guy, but I want the poor and the near-poor to get their share. They can just lounge around. I’m not making excuses in support of the owning class, but let’s get real here. If you come from no money, it’s going to suck, but at least make some kind of attempt to rebel or just work your ass off. K bye.

2 thoughts on “Socialism”

  1. Anarchism is where its at sucka! But, some elements of Socialism and Communism appeal to me. I do agree that how or if they can function is questionable. With that being said, we know Capitalism will only work for the few.

    Ohh btw, Marx really wants his panties back.

  2. When people are forced to spend all their time trying to survive, they aren’t free. That’s why the American Right wants to reduce people to such a state. Justice Antonin Scalia claimed recently that he doesn’t see it as a big deal if the innocent are executed because they’ll just go off to another life and admitted that if he were an atheist he wouldn’t throw lives away so easily as that.

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