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DoS No Age Interview

Talking about the state of the music “industry” seems to be a go-to topic nowadays. Steve Albini and now No Age.

Choice Quote: Dean: “Sometimes I like the idea of playing a house to 10 people but I like playing big places too, it just depends. I like the contrast and getting the best of both worlds of festivals. Seeing a band in a house environment is just the best experience, and you’re not supposed to see a band in there and we always think about how we can re-create that feeling a bigger level.”

Read: http://drownedinsound.com/in_depth/4141230

The No Age Threesome?

My NA sneaks looked like this at one time. Then they got dirty.

LA PMA punk duo No Age played with an extra member at SXSW last weekend: Cundo Bermudez (Wrangler Brutes, Nazti Skinz), who worked as the recording engineer on some of the duo’s early 12-inches. Contrary to a report on the Los Angeles Times music blog, drummer Dean Spunt told Gossip Wolf that Bermudez is only a temporary touring member, but they are “hoping to find a permanent third.” May we suggest Craigslist’s “Casual Encounters” section?