Wavves Scoring New MTV Series/Playing @ Royale W/ F’ED UP


This is quite interesting, brah. Whether you like MTV or not (which, I don’t) if you’re a fan of Wavves then you will at least give Nathan his due and check it out or keep your mouth shut. Nathan and Wavves have never steered us wrong, so I look forward to hearing some sweet tunes. We’ll see how this goes. Can’t wait to hear the new Life Sux EP.

P.S. as much as I hate corporations- and as a sidebar I do feel uncofortable about the fact that they label Wavves as “hipster music” and that’s why they are using it for their show. Sure, a lot of hipsters listen to Wavves, but hip or not, has nothing to do with the quality of their music. Anyway, as much as I like to bash corporate music, I’m not going to hold it against Nathan or the band for soundtracking (is that a word?) an MTV series.


Wavves is playing (opening) the ROYALE on Friday, September 23 with Fucked Up, abbreviated F’ED UP here because Fucked Up is just too long of a name.

BUT WAIT THERE’S MORE! On top of all the other exciting Wavves news, here is a video from The Daily Habit of Wavves performing one of my favorite rap/hip hop songs (“Liquid Swords”) with one of my favorite rap/hip hop artists, GZA. GZA just loves jamming with Honorary KLYAMers: Black Lips, King Khan, and now Wavves. Yeeeeee.


GZA On Black Lips/KK/Hip-Hop

Check out this interview with Wu-Tang member GZA:

…LA Times…
How did you end up collaborating with The Black Lips and King Khan?

Originally, it came about through my manager Heathcliff [Berru]. The bands were fans of Wu-Tang and I and we decided to perform together. It worked out well; they’re good musicians and we have a mutual admiration and love. The thing is, they were already connecting with me in some way first. I’d never heard their music before, but I was feeling it and when I saw both of those groups perform live, I knew I could work with them. The vibe was there.

Much of current hip-hop — particularly the more mainstream iteration — is characterized by glossy shiny-sounding production. Did some of your desire to work with the Black Lips and  King Khan stem from the similarity of their lo-fi aesthetic to the beats you came up rhyming on?

That’s my problem with the stuff today — it doesn’t sound raw and uncut. When the Black Lips sent a track over to me, I thought it sounded like a Beastie Boys track, the way the singer was singing and flowing on it. He was right in the pocket. You don’t get hip-hop that sounds that gritty anymore, you get some Auto-tune, ping-pong computer-made and Casio stuff.

A lot of rappers have tried to chase whatever trend was hot, whether it’s Auto-tune or getting the hottest R&B hookman on a track, but you’ve carved out a different path.

I think it’s about being original and creative. You’ve got to be comfortable with yourself. There’s no set way to do anything. Sometimes you have to go outside the box, sometimes you can do things the standard way. Like you don’t have to have a beat to write a song, sometimes you can write lyrics without the music. A lot of artists think that to be current, you have to follow what’s out there and do something that’s so unlike what you normally do. It can work but it doesn’t if you chase it.

King Khan + GZA

N+I.W.A (Niggaz plus Indian with Attitude)

While rumours have been swirling about the possibility of a formal collaboration between the pair for sometime, Khan is finally ready to confirm that it looks like the union is going ahead. Don’t expect The Shrines’ eccentric frontman to pass himself off as the first Indian-Canadian member of Wu-Tang Clan just yet though. “The whole thing is really surreal,” he says, clearly still trying to wrap his head around the amazing turn of events.

The union marks the second time that GZA has reached out to the garage rock community for musical input. Khan’s rambunctious Almighty Defender bandmates, Black Lips, first performed along side the famed hip-hoper at SXSW this past March and subsequently recorded ‘The Drop I Hold’ with the urban pioneer. Continue reading “King Khan + GZA”