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Nirvana: Nevermind 20th Anniversery Jon Stewart Interview

I know this is three months old, but I am just hearing it for the first time now. It is an interesting interview/Q & A session, but I wish there were more people asking questions that had a bit more knowledge about the subject matter beforehand OR was a fan of the undeground bands/scene that inspired Nirvana. What I like the most is hearing about all the amusing anecdotes that only the people present for the making of the album could tell you. Parts 2-7 are also available on You Tube.

SOTD: Nirvana- “Drain You” (1991)/ 20th Anniversery of NVM

This has been my favorite Nirvana song for years; I heard this was Kurt’s favorite and that he actually thought it would be more popular than Teen Spirit. I don’t have any sources to back that up, but it really doesn’t matter who thinks what, it’s a great pop song, that’s all ther is to it. I love the little Sonic Youth esque middle part of the tune too. Does anybody else have a favorite Nirvana song?

*Also, I totally forgot this month (8 days from now, September 24) will be the twentieth anniversey of Nevermind. Love it? Hate it? How has it held up over the years- influence and who? Or how has it not held up over the years? Let us know. I have my own thoughts that I might share in a separate post when that day comes (if I remember of course). Here’s an interesting New York Times article on the anniversery.

Classic CD Review: In Utero

Band: Nirvana
Release: 1993
Label: DGC

1. “Serve the Servants” – A
2. “Scentless Apprentice” – C+
3. “Heart Shaped Box” – B
4. “Rape Me” – B+
5. “Frances Farmer Will Have Her Revenge on Seattle” – B+
6. “Dumb” – B
7. “Very Ape” – B
8. “Milk It” – C+
9. “Pennyroyal Tea” – B-
10. “Radio Friendly Unit Shifter” – B-
11. “Tourette’s” – B
12. “All Apologies” – B

Comments: Not exactly the biggest fan of Kurt Cobain’s singing voice or what is grunge music, I was unsure what to expect from this critically hailed record. “Serve the Servants” is the perfect speed/heaviness¬† that I’m personally looking for. The screaming on “Scentless” bugs me much. I dig the chorus on “Heart Shaped Box,” but other than that it’s just all right. “Rape me/Rape me my friend” is fun. It’s not something I’ll constantly listen to, but it’s fun. Jay’s cover of “Frances” is better. I don’t care. I’m not going to say the second half of this is bad, but it’s far away from pop. Big ups to “Tourette’s” for being a decent punk tune. It’s so bad it’s good.

Grade: B- (83)

Mind Melting Mondays!

This is yet another new series for you klyamers, whoever or wherever you may be! With that being said, I will be up front right now, more likely than not, this series will not appear every Monday. Sorry lol. Anyway, basically these “mind melting” ditties are all of the noise rock, pop, etc. variety. Today we have the classic, 80s noise punk practicioners, Scratch Acid, a big influence on various underground musicians including Kurt Cobain, who was seen wearing a SA shirt in at least one photo. The song for you today is called “The Greatest Gift.” Enjoy!