SOTD: Nirvana- “Drain You” (1991)/ 20th Anniversery of NVM

This has been my favorite Nirvana song for years; I heard this was Kurt’s favorite and that he actually thought it would be more popular than Teen Spirit. I don’t have any sources to back that up, but it really doesn’t matter who thinks what, it’s a great pop song, that’s all ther is to it. I love the little Sonic Youth esque middle part of the tune too. Does anybody else have a favorite Nirvana song?

*Also, I totally forgot this month (8 days from now, September 24) will be the twentieth anniversey of Nevermind. Love it? Hate it? How has it held up over the years- influence and who? Or how has it not held up over the years? Let us know. I have my own thoughts that I might share in a separate post when that day comes (if I remember of course). Here’s an interesting New York Times article on the anniversery.

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