7″ Review: Tiny Sioux

Band: Box Elders
Release: 4/2010
Label: HoZac Records

1. “Tiny Sioux” – A+
2. “Plenty of Room at the Bottom” – A+

Comments: Box Elders strike again! The amazing pop trio from Omaha continue their spree of hits on this 7″ !!! This release has a more innocent feel than Alice & Friends, making it perfect ably suitable for both children and adults. The somber “Tiny Sioux” moves at the kind of pace you’d expect it to and includes a pseudo-Native American call that literally fits right in with the narrative. “Plenty of Room at the Bottom” is fascinating. I’m going to compare it to the work of Adam Green and Calvin Johnson. It’s got that coy outsider thing going on.

Grade: A+ (97)