New-ish Songs You Oughta Check Out

Future Days – “Mild Mannered Wuss”

Future Days (formerly Space Bums) are from around here – Boston – and they’ve just made public some songs that will be on a future release. The one that stands out the most to my taste buds is “Mild Mannered Wuss,” which sounds way more exciting than the dude in question. It’s very Velvets sounding/Reed homaging [not a word] with some choice background vocal flourishes.


The Fabulous St. Knicholas Cage – “Not In My Mind”

Tulsa, Oklahoma’s tinny surf exhibitionists TFSKC have a brand new old release – The Sexy Yearzzzz. “Not In My Mind” is like a high speed boat chase, except you are forced to flee on boogeyboard. Get you some Jon Dwyer on vocals with The Ventures on guitar and hey, here you go. Rockabilly, shit-surfabilly, catch it if you can.


Zip-Tie Handcuffs – “Lifeboat”

This track is from the Boston band’s 2012 release In The Sky. It’s a stand-out and I’m posting it now because it reminds me of three years ago, when I first heard Wavves King of the Beach. This one is forceful like some of that LP’s sludgier tunes, but in its own world of intensity. I appreciate “Lifeboat” more and more each time I listen to it and its sonic cleanliness surprisingly works in its favor.


Vundabar – “Hives”

Two piece yee-haws also from this neck of the Emerald Necklace. Anyway, this is song #8 on their Antics LP. The dudes start off with the chorus, a brilliant tactic when a tune rock ‘n rolls like this. It pounds heavy and flirts with the kind of garage/country sloppiness of my favorites, like Carbonas if they had more vocal ability and were played on Breakfast of Champions instead of Late Risers Club. Maybe not the best comparison; this is pop music.

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