Jay Reatard Forever…

Not too focus solely on his death, because he led an incredible life, but here are two videos I just discovered on Jay’s passing. The first being Anthony Fantano of the Needle Drop and the second being Fox News, which I didn’t know his death ever reached the big news stories as it should have, albeit Memphis Fox News.



2 thoughts on “Jay Reatard Forever…”

  1. “Legend”? That sounds intimidating. Do you people think so? Which of the other people followed here are worthy of being described as legends?

    I was struck a while back reading a review for the King Khan and BBQ Show how the reviewer seemed to be in awe of them, or at least went on about how normal they looked, and so on, that they were just people, and it just showed to me how differently people can be seen depending on the circumstances of the meeting. Having met them when they were unknown, it colours things very differently.

  2. I’d say he’s a legend, but he’s my favorite singer, so naturally I’m incredibly biased. If he was living I’d still think of him as a legend for creating the catchiest music I have ever heard, save Ramones perhaps, amongst other qualities.

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